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    Suppliers: Send Introductory Email

    No meeting should ever be scheduled without an agenda, and no RFx invitation should be sent without an introduction. Luckily, Scout makes this a seamless part of the process with our Introductory Email functionality!

    When to Send

    The exact timing depends on the complexity of the buy, the relationship with the supply base, and strategic importance of your Project, but one week ahead of the RFx is a good rule of thumb.

    What to Say

    The goal is to promote Supplier engagement, so it’s important to think through what will motivate the supply base. That usually means two things:

    1. Promote the opportunity. - Speak to the potential gain from Suppliers including potential size of deal, potential for partnership, and need for innovation.
    2. Simplify the process. -  No matter how straightforward your questions, or how simple Scout is to use, people are hesitant to change. Bridge the gap for them. Explain to them what's coming, let them know how to get help, and be straightforward about what’s required.

    We provide you with a default draft message that includes the most important information to share with your Suppliers.

    How to Use

    In the Invite Suppliers section of your RFx, you’ll notice the Draft Introductory Email button. To use this feature:

    1. Add Suppliers to your Event using your supplier directory:


    2. Click Draft Introductory Email, then choose your email client (Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc.):


    3. Select Suppliers to send the Introductory Email to (helpful hint: different Suppliers need different introductions, i.e. Incumbent/Newcomer vs. New/Repeat Scout Supplier, etc.)


    4. Craft your message:

    5. Send.

    We know that our customers value the time and effort put forth by Suppliers in the RFx process, and this is just one of the many ways where a little bit of communication, can go a long way!


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