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    Calendar Syncing with Scout

    Have you ever found yourself wanting to pull important dates from Scout and sync them into your own calendar? Now you can! With our new calendar syncing functionality you are able to sync milestone dates and sourcing event deadlines from your saved views in Pipeline directly to your calendar of choice.

    This article will cover how you can sync these dates from Scout right into a Google or Outlook calendar. The initial steps for copying the calendar from Scout will always be the same regardless of email provider, but this article will cover the steps for syncing to both Google calendar and Outlook.  


    Copying Scout Dates into Calendars


    Step 1: Create a Saved View 

    The first step you will want to do is create a saved view in Pipeline. All of the dates for projects or events within this saved view will be included in the calendar subscription. For more information on how to create a saved view you can view this article on Filters and Views in Pipeline.


    Step 2: Copy the Calendar Link

    Once you have your saved view created and you are ready to begin syncing the dates from Scout with your calendar go ahead and click Views on the action bar to open your saved views.



    This will open the view panel on the side of the page. At the top of the panel it will show you which “Saved View” you are currently viewing. Make sure to select the view you are planning to sync with your calendar. Note below that we have selected a saved view which includes all General Projects for our example.

    Directly beneath the view there will be a button labeled Add to your Calendar. Click on it. Picture1.png


    Clicking the Add to your Calendar will then cause a link to appear. Click the Copy button to copy this link.



    Copying and pasting this link from our Pipeline view and then adding it to your calendar will copy over all project start/end dates, milestone dates,  and RFP deadlines for events nested within projects and will sync to your calendar.

    Now that you have your saved view link you are ready to add it to your calendar of choice.


    Step 3: Add it to your Calendar


    Google Calendar

    1. On your computer, open google Calendar
    2. Directly above Other Calendars there is a + button. Click it to open the options.
    3. Select the From URL option
    4. Paste the link you copied from Scout into the designated space and click Add to Calendar.

    Click here for more information on Google calendar!

    All of the dates pulled from the saved view you created will now appear on your Calendar. Each night at midnight, the dates will update. This is a great feature add because if dates are changing within Pipeline, they will be updated in your calendar each night in order to ensure the dates reflected in your calendar are aligned with the dates in Scout regardless if they are being changed.


    Outlook Calendar

    1. Sign in to Outlook.com
    2. Go to the home tab in outlook and click Open Calendar or click the calendar icon at the bottom of the navigation page
    3. On the toolbar click Add Calendar
    4. From the drop down menu click From Internet
    5. Paste the link you copied from Scout into the URL text box
    6. Enter a name for the Calendar (i.e. “Scout General Projects”)
    7. Select Save

    Click here to learn more about how to import or subscribe to a calendar in Outlook.com!

    *In order for the subscription to work, make sure you have the most updated version of outlook downloaded.


    Once you have saved the link you should see your dates appear in your calendar the next day. You are able to add as many saved views from Scout to your calendars as you would like. In addition if you would like to hide any specific dates in your calendar, you can hide them just as you would normally hide a calendar event. If at any time you would like to remove the calendar you can go into your calendar and remove the link and it will remove your subscription to that calendar link.  

    If you are looking to quickly download the deadline dates for a Sourcing Event on a one off basis to add them to your personal calendar, click here!


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