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    Manage: Sync RFP Deadlines to Calendar

    Scout now offers two new ways to sync important dates from Scout to your own personal calendar. You can subscribe to milestone dates and event deadlines or you can download the deadlines for a Sourcing Event one-off.

    If you’re looking to subscribe to a Scout calendar, check out or Knowledge Base article here. If you are looking to quickly download the deadline dates for a Sourcing Event to add them to your personal calendar, continue reading below!


    Downloading from RFx Published Page


    Step 1: Download Calendar Events

    As usual, when you click the publish button in Scout, it will then take you to a new page confirming your publication of the RFx. On this page, click the Download calendar events button:



    You can also download Event deadlines from from the RFx Dashboard. In the upper right hand corner click the Download calendar events button: 



    Once you have downloaded the ICS file, you  can open your calendar of choice for import. You can import this file into any calendar, but highlighted below is how to import the ICS file into Google calendar and Outlook.


    Step 2: Import Events into your Calendar

    Google Calendar

    1. On your computer, open google Calendar
    2. In the top right hand corner click the Settings button
    3. Open the Calendars tab
    4. Click the Choose File button. This will open your recent downloads where your ICS file will appear. Click on the ICS file to import it.
    5. Click Import

    Click here for more information on importing an ICS file to Google calendar!


    Outlook Calendar

    1. Sign in to Outlook.com
    2. Go to the home tab in outlook and click Open Calendar or click the calendar icon at the bottom of the navigation page
    3. On the toolbar click Add Calendar
    4. Select the Browse button to find your ICS file. This will open your recent downloads where your ICS file will appear. Click on the ICS file to import it.
    5. Select Save 

    Click here to learn more about how to import or subscribe to a calendar in Outlook.com!


    Once you have imported the ICS file, the 3 deadlines: RSVP deadline, Message Center deadline, and Bid Submission deadline (if they have been set on the RFx) will all appear in the calendar where you have imported them. This is a great way to make sure you are in the loop with what stage your Sourcing Event is in at all times!


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