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    Supplier Performance Management Overview

    Maximize value from Supplier relationships through our Supplier Performance Management tool.

    It enables Sourcing Professionals to:

      • Easily track Supplier performance and quickly gauge impact to the business
      • Gather comprehensive feedback from Stakeholders
      • Share development plans to increase value from the supply base
      • Standardized review templates across your KPIs


    Why use Supplier Performance Management?


    The Supplier Performance Management tool can help your team move beyond purely transactional Supplier Management to something far more strategic. Scout gives you the capability to create and track Performance Reviews and Action Items all in one centralized location.


    Supplier Performance Management

    The Supplier Performance Management tool is the combination of a Supplier Performance Review Project and the Performance Review Event. We will start by creating a Performance Review Project through Pipeline.


    1. Create a new project by clicking the "Create Project" button on your home Pipeline Home Page.


    Then choose the Project Type called "Performance Review".


    Note: You may also start a Performance Review Event directly from the Supplier's Profile within the Supplier Directory.



    2. Creating the Performance Review Event (through a Performance Review Project):

    Once you are inside the Project, click into the "+New" in the Reviews section.


    Once you click the "+New" button, the side-panel window will open up and allow you to choose your desired Performance Review Template or "Add a Blank Review & Start from Scratch".


    Note: The Performance Review is considered the event in this Project Type.


    For this example, I have selected a Performance Review Template by checking the box next to the name of the template. Then clicking "Add".



    Once you have added a Performance Review, click on the title of the Performance Review to access the Event details.


    Depending on how your Company Admin set up your Performance Review Type in Settings, you will either see the Scorecard only, or Scorecard and Supplier Survey together.



    3. Performance Review Sections

    Performance Reviews have 2 sections, the Scorecard Section and the Supplier Survey Section.


    The Scorecard is a questionnaire designed for your stakeholders to grade your suppliers. Scorecards help the sourcing team gather comprehensive feedback from Stakeholders.


    The Supplier Survey section is were the sourcing team can send a questionnaire to suppliers as well as a scorecard. The scorecard allows suppliers evaluation themselves and gives the sourcing team insight into how the supplier thinks they are preforming.


    Digging into the Scorecard Sections

    Click into the Scorecard Section. The Scorecard Section is made up of 4 sub-section:


    1. Choose Suppliers to Review

    2. Invite Your Stakeholders

    3. Edit Your Scorecard.

    4. Publish your review.




    Work through each sub-section (1-4). When you are ready to send the scorecard to your stakeholders, enter the due date in Step 4 and then click "Publish Review to Stakeholders". This will send an email to your stakeholders.

    mceclip6.pngNote: You can run Scorecards without a Supplier Survey. If you don't need to send your supplier a questionnaire or a self evaluation then your work is done! If you want to read more on how to best manage your Performance Reviews, click here.


    Digging into the Supplier Survey Sections


    Click into the Supplier Survey Section. The Supplier Survey Section is made up of 2 sub-section:

    1. Build Your Supplier Survey

    2. Publish Your Supplier Survey


    mceclip7.pngIn the Build Your Supplier Survey sub-section the sourcing team can set up Supplier Questions, include a Scorecard, and add a Worksheets that you would like your Supplier to fill out. 


    When you are ready to send the survey to the supplier, enter the due date in Step 2 and then click "Publish Survey to Suppliers". This will send an email to your suppliers.


    If you want to read more on how to draft the Supplier Survey, click here.


    Note: Once you have run several Performance Review Events on a Supplier you can view the Supplier in the Supplier Directory to see the Supplier’s historical performance. 


    Viewing a Supplier's Historical Performance


    1) Go to Supplier Directory

    Open your Supplier Directory by selecting Suppliers from the Navigate menu:


    2) Select a Supplier

    Select a Supplier by clicking on the Supplier name from within your Supplier Directory and you can then navigate within these tabs:


    • General Profile: Where you will find all of the contact information of each Supplier
    • Activity: All Events, Performance Reviews, Supplier Forms, etc -- related to Supplier
    • Forms: Where you can track your Supplier’s Forms.
    • Performance Reviews: Where you can track your Supplier’s historical performance
    • Action Items: Where you can set various different Action Items related to a Supplier both Internally and Externally. To learn more about Action Items click here!


    What is the value?

    Supplier Performance Management helps sourcing teams to:

    • Manage Consistently review Suppliers value to your business and quickly assess the relationship history. 
    • Maximize Value by establishing action plans to develop more valuable relationships with Suppliers, quickly identify when new Suppliers are necessary.
    • Improve Easily manage reviews in case Supplier business changes or for new requirements. 

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