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    How to Build a Stakeholder Scorecard

    Would you like your Stakeholders to comment, evaluate, and score your Suppliers' Performance Review responses? You can now have your Stakeholders score Suppliers' responses based on the criteria that you create!

    Scorecarding enables you to:

    • Collect a standard set of scores from each of your Stakeholders
    • Define the questions that Stakeholders will score
    • Set a scale for numeric scoring and weight questions however you see fit


    How to Build a Stakeholder Scorecard in a Performance Review Project

    The Sourcing Managers should first create a Project with the Project Type set as Performance Review.

    Then click the +New button to open your Performance Review options.

    Sourcing Managers have the option to Add a Blank Review & Start from Scratch or use a Template created by their Company Admin. In this example, we check the box to select Add a Blank Review & Start from Scratch. Then click Add.


    Note: If Sourcing Managers choose to use a template, they have the ability to edit questions within the review. Sourcing Managers do not have the ability to edit section titles. Only Company Admin can edit the section titles.


    The Sourcing Manager can then create the Stakeholder Scorecard by following the steps 1-4 on the Scorecard page:


    Building the Scorecard

    Step 1: Choose Suppliers to review

    Use the Supplier Directory to choose which Suppliers you want reviewed:


    Step 2: Invite Stakeholders

    Choose which Stakeholders you want to evaluate this review by entering their name, email address, and permissions and click Add:


    Step 3: Edit Scorecard

    Click the green Edit Scorecard button to bring you to the Scorecard Builder:


    Notice it looks very similar to the Evaluations Builder and essentially has all of the same functionalities:


    The Performance Review Section Titles have been predetermined by your Company Admin and cannot be edited. This is helpful in standardizing Performance Review criteria for all of the Suppliers that you will be running Performance Reviews on.

    However, the Template is just a starting point. The Sourcing Manager can do the following:

    • Create, Edit, and Delete Questions
    • Weight Scoring Questions and Sections

    Note: Scoring questions are the only questions that have the ability to be weighed individually. In addition to that, to assign a weight to a section of the Scorecard there must be at least one scoring question. Furthermore, if you have a section that is made up of entirely long answer questions with no scoring question(s), you will not be able to assign that section a weighted percentage.


    Create, Edit, and Delete Questions

    Remember when you created an Evaluation within Scout? The same response types are offered for Scorecard! There are five different ways you can have your Stakeholders respond to Questions - Scoring Question, Short Answer, Long Answer, Multiple Choice, and File Request:


    Scoring Questions are the only questions that can be assigned weights. As we mentioned before, adding a scoring question will allow you to choose a weighted percentage for that section. Once you have completed your question, click the green Add to Evaluation button:


    Scoring: Add minimum and maximum Scores and include Score Details for your Stakeholders. The Scoring Options are customizable, and you can add additional scoring options as needed (i.e. 1-5 or 1-10).

    Note: You can mark questions as required, allow Stakeholders to include comments, or allow N/A as an option.


    Weight Scoring Questions and Sections

    You will need to give each question an individual weight (percentage):

    scorecard8.pngNote: The Weight Total must equal 100%.

    Then, you will need to give each section an individual weight. Click the Sections side panel in the action bar at the bottom of the page to assign your weights. Here, you’ll see that each of the 5 sections have been weighed 20% each. You can change by clicking into Weight:


    Note: The Weight Total for Sections must also equal 100%.

    Step 4: Publish Scorecard

    Set the Scorecard due date, which is the date that your Stakeholders will have until to complete their Scorecard on each Supplier. Setting a Scorecard due date will help keep you and your Stakeholders organized when it comes to scoring Suppliers.

    Pro-Tip: Always make sure that the Supplier Survey deadline is before the Scorecard due date so that your Stakeholders have an appropriate amount of time in between when Suppliers submit their responses and when the Stakeholders’ Scorecards are due.

    To enter a Scorecard due date, click into each field and select your preferred date and time:


    A couple of things to note when you click on Edit Scorecard Options:

    • Results Visibility - If you check the box, you will allow all Stakeholders, regardless of their Event Permissions, to see ALL results in the Scorecard Comparison Page.
    • Section Visibility - You’ll be able to select the sections in the Performance Review you want your Stakeholders to review.

    You’re all set! Publish your Scorecard by clicking the blue button Publish Review to Stakeholders.

    Note: Stakeholders will not have access to begin their Scorecard until a Supplier Response has been submitted.

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