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    How to Build a Supplier Survey

    There are four simple steps to building the Supplier Survey portion of a Performance Review in Scout:

    1. Build Your Supplier Survey with Questions and/or Worksheets
    2. Name your Supplier Survey
    3. Set Supplier Survey Response Deadline
    4. Publish Your Supplier Survey

    In this article we will walk through these 4 steps. 

    Getting Started 

    To get started, you should first click into your Performance Review Project. In the Project, click the "+New" button in the Reviews section. 


    A side-panel window will open allowing you to choose your desired Performance Review Template or "Add a Blank Review & Start from Scratch".

    I have selected "Add a Blank Review & Start from Scratch" by checking the box. Then clicking "Add".


    Now, you have successfully added a Performance Review Event to your Performance Review Project!


    Building the Survey

    Step 1: Build your Supplier Survey

    Click into the Supplier Survey to begin.


    The first section of the Supplier Survey page is called Build Your Supplier Survey. Similar to the RFP builder you have both the Questionnaire and Worksheet functionality to work with when building out your Survey:



    Step 2: Send the Scorecard to Suppliers

    Within building your Supplier Survey, you are able to send your Suppliers a Scorecard that is identical to the one you have created and sent to your Stakeholders. Sending a scorecard to your Suppliers will allow Suppliers to rate themselves and allow the Sourcing Manager to compare and contrast their ratings to those of your Stakeholders.

    If you have already built out and published the scorecard to your Stakeholders, all you have to do is click on "Add Scorecard" and it will be send to your Supplier:



    If you need more info on how to build a Scorecard for your Stakeholders (that can then be sent to your Suppliers) click here.

    Step 3: Name your Supplier Survey

    Next, what you will want to do is set an appropriate name for your Supplier Survey. This is an external title that is visible to the Supplier when they receive the invite to respond:



    Step 4: Set Supplier Survey Response Deadline

    This deadline is the date that the Supplier has until to respond to your Supplier Survey:



    Step 5: Publish Supplier Survey

    Now that you have titled, set the deadline and built out your Supplier Survey you are ready to set your submission options and publish! To launch the Survey and officially send it out to the Supplier, click the blue Publish Supplier Survey button.



    Don’t forget! Before your Stakeholders can evaluate Supplier’s surveys, you will also need to publish the Stakeholder Scorecard. Click here to learn more about creating and publishing a Stakeholder Scorecard as a part of your Performance Review.


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