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    Receiving a Project Request from a Stakeholder

    One of the many benefits of Intake is that it allows you to empower your business Stakeholders to plan and create their own Sourcing Requests.  Stakeholders in business units across the organization can use Intake to initiate Projects and loop in sourcing and procurement teams for help at the appropriate stage.  Using Intake also allows you to standardize the way your Business submits and executes internal requests.

    In this article we are going to walk through receiving an Intake form submitted by a Stakeholder, and the steps a Sourcing Manager takes to create a Project from the Intake form. 

    Accepting and Updating an Intake Request

    Once an Intake request form is submitted by a Stakeholder, Company Admins will receive an email notification informing them of the new Request. By following the link in the email notification or logging into Scout directly, Sourcing Managers will see the New Request listed on their Pipeline homepage under the “New Project Requests” section header.  

    Note: Once the Intake form is input into Scout, it becomes the starting page for a Project and is no longer referred to as the Intake form.

    You are able to assign a Sourcing Owner to a Project directly from the Pipeline homepage under the “Sourcing Owner” heading. Upon clicking into the Request you will be able to see and edit all of the information that the Stakeholder has provided for you, as well as add new information (new Custom Fields, additional Milestone dates) where necessary.

    One of the key stages here is to add Stakeholders to the Project.  You can add Stakeholders, as well as control the Sourcing Owner permissions that were assigned on the Pipeline home page. Feel free to add other sourcing team and business unit team members as “Read” or “Read/Write” Stakeholders where applicable.  


    Changing a Project’s Status

    Once the Project is ready to be started, the Project Status should be changed on the action bar. The status can be changed to a variety of different stages:

    • Cancelled - Reasons for cancellation can be customized in Settings by a Company Admin.
    • Planned - Project start date is in the future.
    • Active - You will also be able to select sub-statuses within an Active Project.  These “Active” sub-statuses are dependent on the Settings set up for a specific Project Type.  These statuses can be set up by a Company Admin in your account Settings.
    • Completed - Project has been marked Completed.
    • On Hold - Project has been put on hold. Various reasons for being on hold can be customized in Settings by a Company Admin.


    Once the Project status has been changed from “Requested,” the Project will no longer appear under the “New Project Requests” section in the Pipeline home page, but will instead appear in the Project status section to which it has been assigned.

    Now that you have received your Request and assigned it to the proper Sourcing Manager, the sourcing team can collaborate with the business and get the Project started!  

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