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    Setting up Performance Review Master Template

    This article is for Company Admins that are looking to set the Criteria for their company when running Performance Reviews in Scout.

    As a Company Admin, you have the ability to set the criteria for the Performance Reviews by setting up a Performance Review Template in your Template Library. By creating a Performance Review Template, you not only are able to set and standardize the Section categories of all Performance Reviews your company will be running in Scout, you are also able to build out questions within each Section that your colleagues can leverage when running their Performance Reviews. 

    In this article, we will cover how to set up that Template so that your company can use it to run Performance Reviews. 

    Step 1: Navigate to Templates Library

    From your home page in Scout, click the drop down arrow next to Navigate and select Templates: PRtemplate1.png

    This will bring you to your Template Library. Click on the Performance Reviews tab to create or edit your Performance Review Template:


    Step 2: Create or Edit Template

    Here, you are able to either begin building or editing the Template. In this case, the Template has already been built, so we are going to click the Edit button to edit the Template:


    Note: It is important to note that any Company Admin in Scout has the ability to edit the Performance Review Template at any time. It will always state who the Template was last edited by.

    You will notice when you open up the Template, you have all of the same question types available to you as the Questionnaire builder as well as the ability to add different Sections:image_4.png

    Once you have built out your different Sections and Questions, click the Sections button in the Action Bar to open up the Sections list. Enter the weight for each Section so that the total weight equates to 100%:


    Note: One important thing to point out is that your Performance Review Master Template sets the default Sections for every new Performance Review created in Scout. However, Stakeholders are able to remove and change Questions in their Performance Review, but they cannot remove or change default Sections. They will also be able to edit the weighting on the Sections. Having the Section titles set by the Company Admins will ultimately help standardize the Performance Reviews that your company runs in Scout.


    Step 3: Run Performance Reviews! 

    Now that your Performance Review Master Template has been created, you are ready to start running Performance Reviews in Scout! 

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