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    Performance Review Templates

    Performance Review Templates are available to you so that you can easily create streamlined, customized Supplier Performance Reviews! Once created, users within your company may find and run a Performance Review via a Template. With Performance Review Templates you can hone your review for the specific Supplier by building off of the pre-made Master Template

    This article will cover:

    • What are Performance Review Templates?
    • Where can you access the Performance Review Template Library?
    • How can you build out Performance Review Templates?

    What are Performance Review Templates?

    In order to create a Template, you must build off of the pre-established Master Template already created by a Company Admin. While all Performance Review Templates will contain the same Scorecard section headers pulled from the Master Template, you will be able to build off of the Master Template and create more detailed and category specific Templates for future use.


    Where can I access my Performance Review Template Library?

    Performance Review  Templates can be  accessed from within the Template Library.

    First, click Navigate at the top of your screen. From the drop-down menu, select Templates:

    Screenshot__1_.pngFrom here, you will be brought to your Template Library.

    Toggle over from Question Templates to Performance Reviews:




    The first section you will notice is the Performance Review Template which is the Master Template--that is created by a Company Admin(s).  As a Sourcing Manager, you will only have the ability to view the Master Template, not edit it:




    Note: If you are a Company Admin and would like to learn more about setting up your company’s Performance Review Master Template click here!

    Directly below the Master Template section is where your Performance Review Templates will live.


    How can I build out Performance Review Templates?

    Sourcing Managers and Company Admins can build out Performance Review Templates by selecting the green Add Performance Review Template button from the action bar to begin creating a new Performance Review Template:



    In the right-hand pop-up window, select New Performance Review Template. Fill in any desired information that you will find useful in Template Information. When you are ready, select Save:





    You are now in your Performance Review Template! Building out your Performance Review  Template is simple! You will notice that the teal banner across the top of your screen reads THIS IS A TEMPLATE 


    On the side of your screen, you will notice that the Performance Review Template builder has two sections with corresponding navigation tabs: Scorecard and Supplier Survey: 


    To begin building out your Template, click on each Navigation tab. 


    Under Scorecard you will find each of the sections to begin building out the Stakeholder Scorecard. The Scorecard sections from the Master Template will be your starting point in the Stakeholder Scorecard, but you are able to build off it to customize it for your Template. To learn more about how to build a Stakeholder Scorecard click here!


    Supplier Survey

    To learn more about how to build a Supplier Survey click here!



    Your Performance Review Template is now ready for use! Use Performance Review Templates to efficiently begin Performance Reviews, helping your team routinely understand and evaluate the strategic value your suppliers provide.


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