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    Event Dashboard Overview

    So you’ve built and published the perfect Sourcing Event… what now? Understanding your Event Dashboard is key to tracking and understanding your Event through its entire lifecycle. Your Dashboard is the control panel for monitoring your Event during, and after the publishing process.

    In this article, we will cover how you can:

    • Track the progress of your Event
    • Engage with your Suppliers
    • Adjust your Event Configurations
    • Evaluate Proposals with your team
    • Collaborate with your Stakeholders

    How to Access the Event Dashboard

    Your Event Dashboard is accessible via your Event library. By selecting your desired Event, you will be brought to the Dashboard for that specific Sourcing Event.

    Note: Each Sourcing Event run in Scout will have its own unique Event Dashboard that summarizes the Event.

    Starting at the top of the page, you will see the name of the Event, the Proposal due date, and the current status of the Event. You can also enter Spend and Savings amounts here at any time:



    The next section then provides a quick statistical snapshot on the Suppliers that you have added to this Event. Notice the links to other functions in Scout as well such as: Award a Proposal, Start an Auction, and Access the Message Center.




    The black action bar at the bottom of the page displays 3 option buttons from within the Event Dashboard: Download, Duplicate, and Edit RFP.

    See the functionality of these 3 buttons below:

    • Download - pressing this button will create an Excel version of your current RFP
    • Duplicate - click this button to duplicate your RFP
    • Edit RFP - click here to view your currently published RFP 

    Note: If you are looking to make changes to your currently published RFP, click the Edit RFP button so that you can then click the Edit RFP button to enter live editing mode. For more information on how to edit live Events, click here!

    Track the Progress of your Event

    Stay up-to-date on the progress of your Suppliers’ Proposals in the Invited Suppliers section. This section provides key insight into how Suppliers are interacting with the Event. The Event Dashboard gives you visibility into Supplier’s drafting progress, RSVP and submission dates & times, as well as log-in timestamps.

    Also within this section, you can view submitted Proposals, in two different ways: individually, or comparatively. Select View Proposal on a Supplier to view individual Bids. Select Compare Proposals to look at all Bid submissions at once:



    Adjust Event Configurations

    You can change your Event’s configurations at any time in the RFP Options section of the Event Dashboard page! You can select or unselect the box to allow your Suppliers to submit their Bids past the deadline or allow for them to have the ability to Revise Bids regardless if the deadline has passed:



    Need to classify your Event for your sourcing team? In the Internal Data section, add details to help keep your information strategic and streamlined from the back end:



    Evaluate your Proposals

    Once your Suppliers’ Bids have been turned in, build and publish scorecards for your Stakeholders to Evaluate Supplier responses in the Evaluation section of your Dashboard:



    Click here for more articles about how to Evaluate Submissions

    Finally, keep tabs on your Stakeholders under the Invited Stakeholders section. Here, you may add new Stakeholders, adjust their permissions, keep track of their log-in status, and update 
    email notification preferences.





    Knowing what features are available to you and your sourcing team is imperative to understanding the progress of your RFP. Leverage your Sourcing Event by strategically taking advantage of the tools available to you in the dashboard. Happy Scouting!

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