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    RSVP Reset

    Congrats on being selected to participate in a Sourcing Event! Before you can begin drafting your Event, you first need to RSVP. Submitting your RSVP in Scout is essentially your way to let the Sourcing Manager know whether you plan to submit a Proposal or not. Click here to view a step-by-step guide on how to submit your RSVP to the Sourcing Manager. You are able to change your RSVP status at any point up until the RSVP deadline has passed.

    At Scout we understand that mistakes happen and that things can change - including whether you are able to participate in a Sourcing Event or not. If the RSVP deadline has passed and you would like to reset your RSVP submission, then you are in the right place! Read on to learn how to request a RSVP reset from Scout Support.

    In this article, we will cover

    • Where to check your selected RSVP Status
    • How to request an RSVP reset
    • Where you can re-select your RSVP

    How to Check your Selected RSVP Status

    To locate your current RSVP, begin from your homepage. Your first step is to select your desired Event. If you have chosen to RSVP I do not Intend to Submit, your screen will show this message:


    If you have selected I Intend to Submit, your screen will show your drafted Proposal, and the action bar will include multiple buttons including Preview, Submit, and Save:


    Scroll to the Event Timeline to view when your RSVP was submitted. If the RSVP deadline has not passed, you will be able to click "Need to change RSVP?" to switch your response to not intending to bid.


    How to Request an RSVP Reset

    Did something change on your end, but the RSVP Deadline has passed? No problem! You can easily and quickly get ahold of Scout Support to request an RSVP reset.

    First, select Support on the bottom right corner of your screen on the black action bar. From here, select Contact Scout, and a message box will appear on your screen directing your message to Scout Support:


    Here, you can let Support know that you would like your RSVP selection to be reset. Type your message and select Submit Ticket and your request is on its way!



    How to Re-Select your RSVP After it is Reset

    Way to go! You have successfully requested and received a reset RSVP from Scout Support. Once Support has given you the green light that your reset is complete, go ahead and click on the Event from within in your Proposal Library. Once you have opened the Proposal, you will notice that your black action bar once again states the two RSVP options.



    If you ever make a mistake or have a change of heart regarding your RSVP, you can always reach out to Scout Support!

    If you need to get ahold of Support quickly
    via our in-app support form by clicking the Support button in the top-right corner of your screen from any page within Scout: https://go.scoutrfp.com


    If running into issues accessing your Scout account, you can also reach us via email at scoutsupport@workday.com

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