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    Custom Intake Links

    Looking for an easier and more efficient way to route your Stakeholders to Intake forms in Pipeline? Scout now offers Custom Intake Links, providing a more productive method for your Stakeholders to submit Requests.

    In this article we will cover:

      • What Custom Intake Links are
      • Where you can set up each type of Custom Intake Links
      • How your company can leverage Custom Intake Links

    What are Custom Intake Links?

     Custom Intake links are tailored URLs that route stakeholders to specific Intake forms in Scout, skipping all interaction with the Pipeline Dashboard. With Custom Intake Links, your team can break out Project Type requests and send users directly to the intended form from any location, such as an Internal Database or Intranet at your company.

    How to Access Custom Intake Links

    To begin setting up Custom Intake Links, Company Admin users must first go to their Company Settings to set up their Default Intake Link. Once in the Settings panel, locate the Customize Projects tab on the left side of your page:


    As long as your company has selected Include on Intake Form for the Custom Fields, the link below will display at the bottom of your Customize Projects page in your Settings--this is your Default Intake Link:


    No matter how many times the Stakeholder has accessed Scout or submitted requests in the past, when clicking this link, they will always arrive on the same Intake Request Form. Customize the project type that your Default Intake Link will lead to by selecting from the dropdown menu next to the link:



    It is important to note, if you select a project type that has not been designated as Include on Intake Form in the Customize Projects tab, the below error will appear:



    Project Type Links

    Project Type Links are helpful for streamlining which project type Stakeholders will begin drafting their request for when selecting the Custom Intake Link. For each Project Type included on Intake, you will now have a custom link taking your Stakeholders directly to the page you want them to begin their request for:



    By clicking this link, Stakeholders are routed directly to the General Project Intake Request Form.

    How to Leverage your Custom Intake Links

    Take advantage of your Custom Intake Links, by making them readily available to your Stakeholders on internal sites! These links can be shared on any internally used company website or document. Select Copy next to the link, and you will be ready to paste your Custom Intake Link where you please!




    Be sure that your Stakeholders are aware of their login credentials for Scout, whether Single Sign-On (SSO), or through a Scout username and password. With either of these, they will always be able to access the Intake form from any location using the Custom Intake links you provide. Happy Scouting!

    Click here for more information on Intake

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