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    Milestone Reports

    You can now keep track of your team’s Milestones with Scout’s Milestone Reporting functionality in Projects and Contracts! This new capability allows you to Report on colleague Milestones in Scout’s Reports page.

    In this article we will cover how to:

    • Build Milestone Reports
    • Visualizations
    • Export Reports
    • Sort Columns
    • Apply Filters

    Build Your Milestone Report

    To begin building your Milestone Report, you need to first access Scout’s Reports page. To do so, first hover over Navigate from your Scout Homepage. From the dropdown menu, select Reports:



    This will bring you to the Reports page where you can build out various different Reports in Scout. Under Report Data, click on Dataset, then Project Milestones or Contract Milestones:



    To begin building your Milestone Report --locate the Filters icon under Setup Report Data. You will now open the Filters side panel. Here, you can select the criteria you would like to designate to be pulled into your Report. To select your desired columns for the Report, select Choose Filters & Columns:


    If you have any previous Columns selected and you would like to create your Report from scratch, click the Uncheck All button to clear any selected Columns. You can then begin going through the different criteria and select the Columns you would like to include in your Report:


    Once you have selected all of the Columns you would like to appear in your Milestone Report click the Save button:


    Now, click Refresh Report so that your Report reflects the changes you have made:


    Way to go! Your Milestone Report has now pulled in your desired criteria!

    Next, we will manipulate the data we have selected in our Filter through the Editor. To locate this tool, select the Editor icon underneath Choose Options:


    Why do we need to use the Editor? The Editor allows us to hide or show certain fields within the table itself once we have selected our desired Filters. While in the Editor, we can accomplish other things such as rearranging columns and manipulate the layout of our table.

    For the purposes of this Report, while in the Editor, I am going to select all fields relevant to tracking my Team's Milestones over time. To display these selections, press Apply:



    Milestone Report Visualizations

    To view your Report in different formats, select Charts at the top of your page. Here, you will notice that you can present your Report in nine different chart formats:


    For this Milestone Report , I have chosen to visualize it in Column form:


    Exporting Your Milestone Report

     you would like to Export your Report, locate and select Export from the top of your page options. Here, you will have the option to Export your Report in six different formats (Print, HTML, CSV,  Excel, Image, and PDF):


    By selecting this, you have now ignited a download of your Milestone Report for your offline records!

    Sort Columns

    You can quickly and easily sort your Columns within your Milestone Report by clicking the arrow within the Column title. Notice that by selecting the Column title:


    From here, you will be able to customize the data for this column:


    Applying Filters

    To apply Filters to the Milestone Report you have built, select Filters.  Next, fill in the criteria you would like to Filter by and again, click Refresh Report:


    Once you have applied Filters you are able to Export the Report or Save the Report.


    You are now ready to build out and Export Milestone Reports in Scout! You can now better understand when deadlines are being met by your team, by creating, running, and exporting Milestone Reports in Scout!


    Click here to learn more about Reporting 



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