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    Savings Reports

    Looking for a way to track and better understand your Savings goals and metrics? Good news--you are now able to build, run, and export data on your Savings in the new Savings Reporting feature in Reports!

    In this article we will cover:

    • What are Savings Reports
    • Savings Types and Configurations
    • Visualizations
    • How to view data outliers
    • How to Save & Export your Savings Report

    What are Savings Reports?

    Savings is the newest Reporting capability available in Scout’s Reports feature. Here, you can strategically build Reports to more clearly and effectively understand the type of Savings your team has accomplished. To begin, first hover over Navigate, and from the dropdown menu, go to Reports:


    From here, you are brought to the Reports build-out page. To begin Reporting on your Savings, locate the section titled Setup Report Data:


    You will notice that you are able to Report on Projects, Suppliers, Milestones, and Savings. For the purposes of this Report, we will select Savings.



    Savings Types and Configurations

    To start building your Report, begin by choosing your Filters. Under Setup Report Data, select the Filters button. This will open up the side panel where you will be able to select the data that you would like pull in for the  Savings Reports you plan to build:


    For this Report, I have selected Cost Savings, Actual Savings, and Cost avoidance for my Savings Type. Next, I then clicked Choose Filters and Columns to select which columns I would like to be pulled into my Report:

    rb5.pngTo make your Report reflect the Filters you have selected, click Refresh Report:



    It is important to note that your table may not display every filter you have selected. The reason for this lies in certain fields not being selected via the Editor button:


    Why do we need to use the Editor? The Editor allows us to hide or show certain fields within the table itself once we have selected our desired Filters. While in the Editor, we can accomplish other things such as rearranging columns and manipulate the layout of our table. For the purposes of this Report, while in the Editor, I am going to select all fields except Monthly Total and Total. To display these selections, press Apply:




    Visualizations for Savings Reports

    To view your Report in different formats, select Charts at the top of your page. Here, you will notice that you can present your Report in nine different chart formats:



    For my Report, I have chosen to Visualize it as a Pie Chart, showing the breakdown between Cost Avoidance and Cost savings in the categories marketing and IT:



    The above Pie Chart displays a comparison of Cost Savings  and Cost Avoidance between IT and Marketing for a specific Supplier--AlphaCloud.  


    Use Formatting to View Data Outliers

    Since Savings is number-based, it is important to understand how you can leverage the tools available to you in Reports to identify and isolate outliers in your data. First, locate the Choose Options section at the top of your page. From here, hover over Format and select Conditional Formatting:


    From here, you can configure your Report to highlight data that you would like to bring attention to. In the example below, I have configured the conditional formatting to highlight all Realized Savings that are greater than $200,000.00:



    After selecting Apply, the Report will then highlight all Savings values that are greater than $200,000.00 in my selected highlight color, teal:



    Save your Savings Report

    Scout’s Reports tool allows you to save your Report both online and offline. To save your Report in Scout, locate the Save and Update Report section. Here, you are able to preserve your work as a new Report, or update an existing Report in your Saved Reports.



    When creating a new Report, you simply need to name your Report, add a description if you desire, and then press Save:




    The Saved Report you built will then appear in your Saved Reports section so that you can easily access the Reports you have previously built out:





    Export your Savings Report

    If you would like to Export your Report, locate and select Export from the top of your page options. Here, you will have the option to Export your Report in six different formats (Print, HTML, CSV,  Excel, Image, and PDF):




    After selecting your desired Export format, your download will begin immediately!

    You are now prepared to build out and run Savings Reports in Reports! With Savings Reports, you can now better understand and track your company’s Savings in Scout by building, running, customizing and exporting Savings Reports!

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