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    Scout User List

    Welcome to the new and improved Scout User List! The User List is where Company Admin users can add and adjust the Settings of the Users in their Company. The User List is where Admins can also accomplish quick actions like assigning Users to Teams and Departments. It is important to know how to navigate the User List as a Company Admin so that you can effectively manage your Users in Scout.

    In this article, we will cover:

    • Where the User List is located
    • Where you will add users to the User List
    • How to Disable Users
    • How to add Users to Teams
    • How to Search your Company

    Accessing the User List

    To access the User List, you will first go through your Settings Panel. Company Admin users in Scout are the only type of User who will have access to the User List in the Settings Panel. To begin, select Settings at the top of your Scout account:


    Once you arrive here, the first thing that you will do is locate User List on the left hand side of your screen:


    From here, you will then be brought to the list of all current users in your Company in Scout.

    Adding Users to the User List

    The most common thing that you will do in the User List is add Stakeholders to your Company. Before you can add a Stakeholder on the Event level, they must be added to the Company level first. There are 3 pieces of information that are required for adding Users: name, email, and User Type. When you are done adding in the required fields, select Save. Your newly added users will then receive an invitation to join Scout!


    For more information on User Types in Scout, click here

    Disabling Users

    Has someone from your team left the Company, or is it no longer necessary for them to be active in Scout? You can easily and quickly freeze their account using the Disable dropdown. First, locate the User in the Scout User list. Next, select Edit to the right of their name in the User List:


    From here, you will be able to update any of their User Specifications. For this task, we will simply move Kyla’s status from Active to Disabled:


    When you are done, select Save. This User’s account is now disabled, and they will not be able to log into their Scout account.

    Adding Users to Teams

    For Pipeline, project visibility is dictated by Teams. To adjust the Team view for Users, repeat the same steps as above, but instead of selecting the User Status, we will select Teams. Simply select the Team Visibility that you would like this User to have and Save when done:


    To learn more about Team Views, click here.

    Searching your Scout User List

    Search is a very handy feature to utilize as your Company User List grows in Scout. The search section is located directly underneath where you add Users. To search your Users, locate the Filter symbol:


    You can search for the User you are looking for in any of the specifications listed above. For example, if you want to search for all Sourcing Managers, you can do so by selecting that specific User Type. Or, you can search by Team and Department. If you simply have one specific User that you are looking for, you can easily locate them by typing in their name into the User Name field. The User List will automatically fulfill the search:




    The User List is a critical capability available to Company Admins. Leverage the User List to easily locate, adjust, and manage your Company’s Users in Scout!



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