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    Contracts Overview

    Scout now offers a single centralized repository around your Contracts! With our Contracts Module and Workbench, you will be able to quickly create Contracts, effortlessly manage all active and completed Contracts, and give both Sourcing Teams and their Business Stakeholders a clear view into the current status and relationships between each Contract. With our new DocuSign integration, you'll be able to design an approval workflow that displays the progress and status all within Scout.

    Our Contracts Module & Workbench delivers:

    • Quick Access to all related Contracts within your Pipeline
    • Streamlined Process from Sourcing to Contract
    • Strategic Overview of your Supplier's business
    • Insight into upcoming renewing and expiring Contracts
    • Visibility and Collaboration between departments (business, sourcing, legal, finance, etc.) 

    What are Contracts?

    Contracts are 'special contracts' within your Pipeline that allow you to better manage the entire Contract lifecycle from start to finish. Scout has created four "out of the box" Contract types which we find are most commonly used between customers and suppliers. We do understand that your team may use different Contract terminology, so these default Contract types are fully customizable (along with the ability to add custom Contracts). These four Contract types are:

    • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
    • Master Service Agreements (MSA)
    • Statement of Work (SOW)
    • Contract Amendments (AMND)



    Contracts Module

    The Contracts Module is where you can start creating new Contracts! Much like creating a new Project or Request in Pipeline, you can add start/end dates, assign milestones, and add stakeholders for more visibility. Each Contract will now be stored in your Contracts Workbench!


    Have you ever wondered which MSA a specific SOW was related to? Scout can provide a Relationship Tree, which displays the connections between linked Contracts within a bigger project you're working on. The Relationship Tree opens an overlay window to show the entire hierarchy and displays where the Contract fits into the family:


    Each Contract's current status is indicated with the appropriate color on the left of each card. Our hope here is that you can eliminate time-consuming, repetitive data entry across different systems! For a deeper dive on how to Create a New Contract in Scout, click here!


    Contracts Workbench

    Our Contracts Workbench allows your team to quickly view all ongoing Contracts within a centralized repository of agreements. Much like Pipeline, you'll be able to save filters to easily view a set of Contracts. We understand that the process from sourcing to Contract execution can be quite complicated, so we're hoping our Contracts Workbench will help increase visibility between departments, and for your business stakeholders.

    Click here for our Contracts Workbench Overview!





    You are now ready to start creating Contracts! View our Knowledge Base Article to learn how to Create A New Contract. Happy Scouting! 

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