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    Contracts Workbench Overview

    The Contracts Workbench is where your tasks at hand await you. Here, you will have a clear overview of the Contracts needing your attention, upcoming renewals, and when important deadlines are approaching.

    In this article, we will cover:

    • What the Workbench shows
    • How to get to the Workbench
    • Workbench Statuses
    • Filtering and Customizing your Workbench
    • Where your Contracts Live

    What is the Workbench?

    The Workbench is your homepage for Scout Contracts. From here, Sourcing Managers can quickly access the Contracts that they need to address.This is where you will also manage upcoming Contract renewals. Contract renewals are divided into 30, 60, and 90-day Contracts nearing their renewal date or expiration. Like in Pipeline, you can filter your views and save them for quick access down the line when you return to your Workbench.

    Accessing your Contracts Workbench

    To begin working on your Contracts, you will need to first access the Contracts Workbench. To do this, first locate the Navigate button at the top of your screen:


    From here, select Contracts in the dropdown menu:


    When you arrive, the Workbench will bring you by default to the Requests section:


    Workbench Navigation

    To understand the different statuses of your Contracts, Scout has divided your Workbench into Navigation Tabs. By clicking into each Navigation Tab, the Workbench will reflect the Contracts within that Tab. The Navigation Tab will also display the number of Contracts housed within that tab.


    • Request: All new Contract Requests will automatically be placed into this Tab.                                         
    • In Progress: The In Progress Navigation Tab contains all Contracts that are In Progress or Approved state.
    • Needs Attention: Triggers for the Needs Attention Tab include: late Milestones, Contract Start Date if the status Active but not Approved, and a reminder of Termination Notice.   
    • 30/60/90 TabsIn this Tab, you will find notices of terminations and renewals falling within these time ranges.

    Customizing your Contracts Workbench

    By using Scout’s Filtering tool, you can Filter and add columns to your Workbench to more concisely view your Contracts. To begin, select Filters on the top right hand of your screen:


    By using the Filtering feature, you will adjust the view on your Workbench Tabs. To add columns to your Workbench, click Choose Filters and Columns:


    Next, check the boxes next to the desired fields that you would like to add as columns to the Workbench:


    For example, for this sample Workbench Filter, I am going to add the Stakeholder field to the Workbench as a column for this view:


    After selecting Stakeholder checkbox, my Workbench will now have this column after Sourcing Owner:


    When using the Filtering Feature, please note:

    • The Requests Tab is not pulled into Workbench Filtering
    • Adding a column will not be displayed in the Requests Tab
    • Contract Titles cannot be hidden

    Where are my Contracts?

    The Workbench is designed to only show at-hand Contracts that need to be worked on.  All Active Contracts will live in the Supplier Directory within the Supplier Profile. To reach the Supplier Profile, first click Suppliers from the Navigation dropdown:


    Here, you will find ongoing and historical Contracts with that Supplier within the Activity Tab:


    To learn more about Supplier Management click here.



    You are now ready to leverage your Contracts Workbench. Happy Scouting!

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