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    Account Security

    Scout has several data protections in place to ensure that your account is secure. Read on if you're unable to access your account for instructions on getting logged into Scout!

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    Did Your Session Time Out?

    If you are logged into Scout and have been inactive for over 60 minutes, you will be logged out for security purposes. You will see this pop-up below that your session has timed out:


    To log back in, simply click on the blue button Log In in the pop-up or go to https://go.scoutrfp.com/ to sign in.


    Password Requirements

    If you forgot your password, please see our article on how to reset your password.

    Are you receiving a token invalid error? You may receive this error message if you have already clicked the link in your password reset email or if the token has expired. Not to worry -- you can always reset your password by entering your email address in the link here.

    When creating a password, Scout requires the following:


    Passwords expire after 6 months. If you need to reset your password, please input your email address here. 


    How to Unlock Your Account

    Your account will be locked if you have not signed in to Scout in the past 90 days. To unlock your account, click “Did not receive unlock instructions?” on the Scout Login Page:


    You will then be taken to the page here where you will enter your email address and click on the blue button “Resend Unlock Instructions”:


    An email with unlock instructions will be sent to your inbox. Once you open the email, click the green button, “Access My Account”, to unlock your account:


    To log back in, simply go to https://go.scoutrfp.com/

    If you forgot your password, please check out the article here on how to reset your password.


    How to Unblock Your Account

    Your account will be blocked if you have too many consecutive failed login attempts. You will see this error message on the sign-in page if your account has been blocked:


    You will then receive an email in your inbox with the subject titled “Scout Account Blocked”. Please click the blue link in the email to unblock your account:


    Once you click on the link, you will be taken to a page that shows that your account has been unblocked:


    After your account has been unblocked, you will be able to login at https://go.scoutrfp.com/

    If you remember your password, you can sign-in on Scout's Login Page.

    If you forgot your password, you can also reset your password.


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