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    Hide Default Fields in Contracts

    To make Intake and Contracts more flexible, we want to provide our customers with the option to hide Scout's default fields within the platform. This allows you to configure the tool to better fit your company's process.

    Hiding Scout's default fields in Contracts helps sourcing professionals to improve:

    • Process Customization - by increasing flexibility to support unique business processes
    • Business Collaboration - by improving Stakeholder experience
    • Operational Efficiency - by simplifying the Contract management process 

    Where can you hide Scout Fields?

    • Intake Form
    • Contracts Types


    How do you hide default fields on Intake?

    Company Admins can now select which Scout Default Fields they want to hide from Intake on particular Contract Types. By default, all fields are selected and will appear on Intake; any selection that is modified on the Intake settings for that Contract will no longer be displayed on the particular Contract Type’s Intake form.


    You will then want to click the "Arrow" on the right side of the page to open a checklist of which options you want within your Contract and Intake Forms.


    Figure 1: Scout default fields (for Intake) on the Settings page of each Contract Type.

    How do you hide default fields on Contract Types?

    Very similar to how to Company Admins can select which Scout default fields they want to hide on Intake, they can also do this on particular Contract Types as well. Again, all Scout fields are turned on by default and will appear on Contracts. To hide any of the default fields, you can navigate to the specific Contract Type in Settings, and select "Hidden" on the fields that you do not want to appear on that specific Contract Type. Note that fields hidden on Contracts are also hidden on Intake.

    Figure 2: Scout default fields on the Settings page of each Contract Type.


    How do you hide Contract Types on Intake?

    Company Admins can select which Contract Types to include on Intake forms. By default, all Contract Types will initially be included on Intake unless they are removed in Settings. Stakeholders will only see Contract Types that Company Admins have included for them, offering a clean, simple Intake process.


    Figure 3: Configuring Intake on the Settings page of each Contract Type.


    With this added flexibility, the Contract Intake experience can be customized to your businesses needs. Additionally, this enhancement improves the Stakeholder’s experience for the Intake process.

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