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    Milestone Templates in Contracts

    Do you have the same process in place when completing certain Contracts? There is no need to constantly start from scratch if your Contracts involve the same tasks. Take advantage of Scout’s Milestone Templates, which allows you to configure Milestones for any Contract Type!

    Here, we'll discuss how to:


    Create Milestone Templates from scratch

    First, navigate to the Settings page:


    Next, select the Contract type to which you’d like to add a Milestone Template:


    Scroll down to the section called Milestone Template:


    Enter a Milestone Name and click the Add button:


    Milestones will appear on the Contract in the order they are created. You can drag and drop Milestones to re-order. They will appear in this order until they are dated and then display according to due date.


    Leverage Milestone Templates in the Contracts Module

    From the Contracts workbench, click the New Contract button in the top right of the screen:


     Next, select the Contract Type in the ‘Contract Summary’:


    On the Contract Details page, scroll to the Contract Milestones section to see your Templated Milestones:


    You can now set a due date, assign to someone, or delete. To standardize reporting, Templated Milestone names can not be edited.



    • Company Admins can create and use Milestone Templates
    • Sourcing Managers can use (delete, date, and assign) Milestone Templates


    Note: Milestone Templates also work with filters and views. For example, search for all Milestones with an empty date.

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