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    Read-Only Teams

    Would you like to grant read-only access to your Stakeholders? Scout has a team-based feature for any Stakeholders in your Company's User List. Read-Only Teams will allow you to grant (read-only) visibility to additional Projects, Contracts, and your Supplier Directory. In this article, we will cover:

    • Default Permissions 
    • Creating a Read-Only Team
    • Managing Project and Contract Visibility
    • Granting Supplier Directory Access 


    Default Permissions

    Stakeholders will only have visibility to Projects and Contracts that they have been added to as a Stakeholder before being added to a Read-Only Team. This ensures Stakeholders only have access to information that pertains to them. Adding a Stakeholder to a Read-Only Team will grant additional visibility into Projects and Contracts selected within the Team. If a Stakeholder is already added to a Project or Contract with read/write access, then this will take priority over read-only access. 


    Creating a Read-Only Team

    In order to add an existing user to a Read-Only Team, you will need Admin access to your Company's Settings page. If you are not a Company Admin and would like to utilize this feature, we suggest contacting your Admin directly.


    Step 1:

    As an Admin, click on 'Settings' in the top right-hand side of your page:



    Step 2:

    Using the navigation menu to your left, locate 'Teams', then select 'Read Only'. This will open up the Read Only teams list.  To get started, click on the green 'Create New Team' button on the right side of your screen:



    Step 3:

    After clicking on 'Create New Team', a side panel window will open where you may name your Read-Only Team. This is also where you may add all users to be included on this Team. For example, our goal is to set up a Team for additional visibility into all Direct Spend projects:



    Managing Project and Contract Visibility

    When creating a new Team, Project and Contract Visibility are set to 'View All Projects' by default. We recommend adding the desired Project and Contract Visibility filters immediately to manage team member access:



    In this example, our goal is to grant additional visibility to all Projects categorized by Direct Spend. First, click on 'Manage Project Visibility', select the dataset to filter on, then filter using the drop-down menu. Once this process is complete, click on the green 'Save' button:




    After applying the visibility filter, your Read-Only Team will be updated automatically in Scout. In the following image, you will see that the Team's Project Visibility has been updated:



    Granting Supplier Directory Access

    Along with Project and Contract visibility, you can allow a read-only view of your Supplier Directory for your Stakeholders! To grant access, check the "Supplier Directory" box in the Supplier Visibility section.

    Note: If a team member has Admin or Sourcing Manager access, they will have read/write access to the Supplier Directory regardless of the Supplier Visibility section.



    For more information on how Teams works in Scout, please take a look at our Teams Overview ArticleTeams and Permissions Webinar!

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