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    Snooze Needs Attention Alerts


    Are you looking for a simple way to minimize emails notifying you of upcoming deadlines? With Scout’s Snooze Needs Attention feature, notifications can be silenced for deadlines that you are already on top of or simply wish to ignore.

    In this article, we will cover:

      • How to use Snooze Needs Attention
      • Feature benefits
      • Conclusion

    How to use Snooze Needs Attention

    Snoozing Needs Attention alerts is done at the Project and Contract level. To begin, first click into the desired Project or Contract from the Pipeline Dashboard or Contracts Workbench. Next, click on Contract Status at the top of the screen on the Action Bar:


    From here, you will notice that you can modify the status of the Project or Contract from the statuses available to you. To silence the Needs Attention reminders, click Doesn't Need Attention listed at the bottom of the list:



    From here, all email 'Needs Attention' notifications will be silenced!

    Feature Benefits of Snooze Needs Attention

    Snooze Needs Attention is a great tool to streamline pertinent alerts within your Scout work space. Feature Benefits of this tool include: 

    • Maintains relevance for anything marked as ‘Needs Attention’ in the Pipeline Dashboard and Contracts Workbench
    • Provides control to Sourcing Managers & Admins over what they are alerted on
    • Increases flexibility when managing Projects & Contracts


    Snooze Needs Attention is a helpful feature to provide clarity for your team and efficiently execute tasks needing attention. Leverage Snooze Needs Attention to strategically focus your time and resources in Pipeline and Contracts!

    Click here for more information on Contracts and Pipeline

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