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    Contract Hierarchy

    While managing contracts within Scout, you will find that you’ll need some way of linking your contracts if they share a relationship with each other. (Ex. Linking your MSA to SOW, Amendments, and etc).

    With the Contracts Hierarchy functionality, you will able to link related contracts together and see the relationship tree for easy navigation when organizing and managing all of the contracts living in Scout.

     In this article, we will cover:

    • Linking Contracts 
    • Linking a Contract to a Project 
    • Accessing the Relationship Tree


    Linking Contracts

    Before we can start linking a Contract to an existing or new Contract, you must have a supplier added to the contract in order to create the relationship link.

    Please note when linking Contracts, you will only be allowed to link a Contract to one Parent Contract. We will discuss below on ways you can link contracts to both existing and new ones.


    Create Links to Existing and New Contracts

    To link a contract to an existing one, you will need to head down to the Related Contracts section within the Contract you are working on and click the green: "Link Related Contract" button.


    Clicking the button will open up a small window which will give you two options to link to a Parent or Child Contract as well as linking the current contract to an Existing or New Contract. 



    Referencing the image above, you will first select the type of relationship to create; link to a parent or to a child contract. Then, create a new contract or search through existing contracts with your supplier. 

    Note: You can only have one parent per contract.


    Linking a Contract to a Project

    You have the ability to link your Contract with an existing or new Project.  If you choose to ‘Create A New Project’, the new Project will be automatically linked to the current Contract.      



    Unlinking Contracts to a Project

    To unlink a Contract from a Project that you had linked before, you’ll simply click the “Unlink” button on the right.



    Viewing the Relationship Tree 

    For any Contract you are viewing, you'll be able to open up the Relationship Tree in order to view how each of your Contracts are linked. 



    Clicking on the Relationship Tree will open another window to show the entire hierarchy and display where the current contract fits into the family.



    You will see an “i” icon located to the right of each Contract. Clicking on this icon will open up the Contract Summary window. Also, from the Contract Summary window, you will be able to locate the “View Contract: button to take you into the Contract you had selected to view.



    Please note: To exit the Relationship Tree, simply click the X located in the top-right corner of the page. 


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