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    Search & Filter the Supplier Directory


    Easily locate your Supplier Data with the Search & Filter options available to you within your Supplier Directory!

    In this article we will cover:

    • How to search the Supplier Directory
    • How to filter your Directory
    • How to create a Saved View


    Search your Supplier Directory

    Your Supplier Directory is where all your Supplier info lives. Search and Filter your Supplier Directory to quickly and easily maneuver through your Directory! To begin, first click ‘Suppliers’ under the Navigate dropdown menu:



    From here, you will be brought to the Supplier Directory landing page:



    At the top of your page, you will notice that there is a search bar prompting you to Search Suppliers. Here, you can type in the name of a Supplier, contact, Supplier Tag, status, or risk criteria. Simply type in the search term and press enter on your keyboard. The Directory will then change to reflect your search results: 




    Filter your Supplier Directory

    Filtering your Directory is an efficient way to apply multiple search criteria to your entire Directory at once. To begin, click Filters at the top of the page to the left of the Supplier search bar: 


    From here, a side panel will pop-up on the right side of your Supplier Directory screen. This is where you will select the criteria to Filter your Directory by. To pull in additional Filtering options, click Choose Filters & Columns at the top of the side panel: 


    Once you have pulled in the filters that you would like to use, click Apply at the bottom right of the side panel. From here, the Supplier Directory will be Filtered by your specifications: 



    How to Create a Saved View

    Have specific Supplier Directory criteria that you repeatedly Filter by? You can easily save your Filters by turning them into 'Views'. By doing this, your Supplier Directory Filter is ready and waiting for you when you return to your Supplier Directory. To do so, first apply your preferred Filter. Next, Save on the bottom of Filtering panel. 



    You will then be able to name your Filter and add an optional description to help locate it. To share this Supplier Directory View with a colleague, type in a teammate's name in the Share Your Saved Filter section.

    Where can I Find my Saved Views? 

    To locate your Saved Views, click into the Filtering Panel:


    Next, click Saved Views at the top left of the pop-up window: 


    Click into the Saved View, and you will be brought to the Filter!


    The Supplier Search & Filter function helps save time, and effectively keeps your team in the loop with Saved Views. Start using the Search & Filter feature in the Supplier Directory to efficiently navigate your Directory! 

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