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    Evaluations: Scorecard Scoring Logic

    Evaluations are a great way to solicit feedback from your Stakeholders around your Suppliers' performance. You will be able to customize weighted scoring for each question and section in your Evaluation. To keep things easy, Scout will automatically calculate and aggregate results from all your Stakeholders. To understand how a Supplier's Total Score is calculated, let’s take a look at how Evaluation scores are generated.

    In this article, we will cover:

    • How Total Scores are calculated 
    • How Section Scores are calculated 
    • How Question Scores are calculated 

    How Total Scores are Calculated


    To learn about your Stakeholders' feedback on how your Suppliers are performing, we will need to understand how a Supplier's score is calculated. Below, you'll see each evaluated Supplier will have their Total Score located at the top of the Evaluations Comparison page.


    Scout will automatically average your Stakeholders' Total Scores to produce the final Overall Score you'll see at the top the page.



    Suppliers' Total Scores are calculated by adding all weighted Section Scores together. The weighted scores are not displayed on the Comparison page, but we will go into more detail in the next section of how weighted Section Scores are calculated for each section. 


    Note: Total Score will always round up to the first decimal place. 


    How Section Scores are Calculated


    Total Section Scores are calculated by aggregating your Stakeholders' question responses altogether. 



    Weighted Section Scores

    Since we know that a Supplier's Total Score is the sum of all of the weighted Section Scores, we will need to understand how weighted Section Scores are calculated. 

    To calculate weighted Section Scores, we will multiply the Total Section Score by the Weight as a decimal.  

    Using the Evaluation Results from above, I've created a table (below) to show how these calculations are done. Once we have our weighted Section Scores calculated from each Section, we will take the sum of the weighted Scores to produce our Total Supplier Score.


    Sections Section Weights Multiply Total Section Score Weighted Section Score
    1. Pricing & Financials .20 x 86.7% 17.3%
    2. Quality & Level of Service .25 x 97.5% 24.4%
    3. Maintenance .25 x 90% 22.5%
    4. Account Management .10 x 95% 9.5%
    5. Innovation .20 x 80% 16%
          Total Supplier Score =  89.7 % 


    How Questions Scores are Calculated


    From the above sections, we learned how Total Supplier and Section Scores are calculated. Let's dive into how Question Scores are computed, which will be the final piece to understanding Total Suppliers' Scores. Depending on the amount of scoring questions you have within each section, question scores will calculate based on the weights that are set. 

    To calculate and understand Question Score, please refer to our formula below:

    Using the below as an example, we see that both stakeholders have scored the question a 4. By using the formula above this will compute our Question Score-- 80%. 





    Now that you have a better understanding of how Evaluation scores are calculated, you are ready to analyze the Evaluation Comparison Page to see how your Suppliers have performed. 


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