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    Supplier Worksheet Overview

    Sourcing Teams request Suppliers to complete Worksheets in Scout for pricing and line item information. If you have a Worksheet that needs to be completed for your bid, fill in your response in the highlighted cells provided in Scout.

    Please note that you are not able to edit non-highlighted rows and columns in Worksheets. (This standardizes Supplier Responses for the Sourcing Event.) Read on to learn more about Supplier Worksheets!

    In this article, we’ll cover how to:

    • View Instructions
    • View Sections
    • Filter Columns
    • Show/Hide Columns
    • Validation Errors

    Supplier Worksheet View

    If the Sourcing Team has created Worksheets for you to complete, the list of Worksheets and their Sections can be found in the “Build Your Proposal” section of your bid:


    Once you click on the green Edit button on the bid page, you will be taken to complete your Worksheet in Scout:



    View Instructions

    To view Worksheet instructions and notes from the Buyer, click Supplier Instructions on the top right-hand side of the page:



    View Sections

    Each additional Worksheet and its Sections are displayed along the left-hand navigation panel. Here, you can see that there is one Worksheet with three Sections:



    Apply Filters

    Filters can be used to narrow down line items so that you can focus on items that you want to bid on. You can filter by condition or value in each column.

    To apply a filter, click the three horizontal lines in the column header. Next, choose which conditions or values you want to filter by and then click the “Apply Filter” button:


    Notice that the Worksheet will now show only the line items that you want to focus on:


    Note: The calculated totals will change as you apply filters.


    Show/Hide Columns

    In Scout, you are able to hide columns in Worksheets. This is helpful for limiting your view to columns that are the most relevant to completing your bid. 

    For this example, we want to hide the column ‘Unit of Measure’. To do this, click on Show/Hide Columns to open a panel on the right-hand side that will allow you to select which columns you would like to hide:


    Once you chose your columns, click on the green Update View button:


    After unchecking the box for ‘Unit of Measure’, this column is hidden from the Worksheet:



    Validation Errors

    If you see any validation errors, this means the Sourcing Team has required columns in the Worksheets. 

    Within any Worksheet, click "Validate" to highlight all the cells that you must complete in order to submit your bid. A side panel will also open listing the line items and columns that need data. 



    Once all required cells have been filled out, you will see "Worksheet Valid" as the only feedback when clicking the "Validate" button:



    Scout Support

    Scout Support is here to help!

    We provide you with US-based customer support from 9am to 9pm ET, Monday through Friday.


    Reach us via our in-app support form by clicking the Support button in the top-right corner of your screen from any page within Scout: https://go.scoutrfp.com


    If running into issues accessing your Scout account, you can also reach us via email at scoutsupport@workday.com

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