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    Create a Form Template

    This article is for Company Admins that are looking to standardize Supplier Review Forms for their company. We will cover how to create, manage, and draft Supplier Review Form Templates. The main benefits for Form Templates include:

    1. Saving Time:  Form Templates allow your team to quickly and efficiently apply Supplier Review Forms that contain standard questionnaires, etc. with just a few clicks.
    2. Quality Control: Form Templates allow you to make sure your team has complete and up to date Supplier Forms. This helps keep the information in your Forms current and ensures your Suppliers are compliant with your company’s latest standards.


    Create a Supplier Form Template

    First, go to Navigate at the top of the page and click Templates. Here, you will find the Supplier Review Forms tab:


    As a Company Admin, you can create a Form Template to make it quick and easy to gather Supplier Information. You can do this by clicking into the Add Supplier Review Form button in the Action Bar below:


    A right-hand side panel will open where you can add Form Information and a Valid Until Date:


     First, complete the Form Information:

    1. Form Name: This is a required field and is for internal use within the Template Library.
    2. Description: This is an optional field and is for internal use within the Template Library.
    3. Category: This is an optional field and is based on the Categories configured in the Settings panel.



    Next, set the optional “Valid Until Date”:

    1. Valid Duration: Type to enter a custom number to specify the number of days in a month (Max is 31). For duration, choose either Day(s), Month(s), or Year(s) to set the measure.
    2. Automatic Reminder: The reminder is based on “X” days, months, years before the valid until date. Type to enter a custom number to specify the number of days in a month (Max is 31). For duration, choose either Day(s), Month(s), or Year(s) to set the measure.

    After completing the necessary fields in this side-panel, be sure to click the green Save button to create your new Supplier Review Form!


    Manage Your Supplier Review Form

    Within the Form Template, you will be able to configure your Supplier Review Form:


     1. Set Your Approvers

    Company Admins can add an Approval Group to a Supplier Review Form. To add Approval Groups, click on the green Add Approval Group button: 

    Note: If there aren't any Approval Groups available, please navigate to 'Approvals' in Settings to get started. Check out this article here to learn more!


    Forms that use this Template will need to go through the Approval Group that is added:


    2. Approval Option

    Choose what type of Decision you want to receive from your Approvers:

    • Standard Approval – The approver only sees these options when reviewing the Form (required to submit a review).
    • Standard Approval with Risk Score – The approver sees both options (both are required to submit a review).
    • Risk Score Only – The approver provides a 1-4 risk score (required to submit a review).


     3. Risk Score

    Request from your Approvers to score the risk applied to this Supplier Review Form (if applicable):


    4. Invite Suppliers

    Once you add the Form Template to a Project or Event, you will be able to choose suppliers to do the Form.


    5. Supplier Options

    Click Manage Supplier Options to manage how Suppliers are able to respond to your Supplier Review:



    6. Build a Scorecard for Your Stakeholders

    Click Edit Scorecard to have your Stakeholders complete their review of Suppliers:

    Note: The Scorecard due date is set at the Event level.


    There are three easy steps to building an Evaluation:

    • Title the Sections of your Evaluation 
    • Create Questions, including Scoring Questions
    • Weight Scoring Questions and Sections


    7. Flag for an Update: 

    Do you need to make updates to your Form Template due to new company standards? Scout allows you to flag Supplier Review Forms to inform your Team that there has been changes to the Form so that they can have Suppliers update their Forms:


    If you do choose to flag your Supplier Review Form, you will receive an additional confirmation as this action cannot be undone:


    Draft Your Supplier Review Form

    To build the Supplier Review Form to send to your suppliers to complete, simply click on "Draft Supplier Review Form" to start building:


     1. Name Your Supplier Review


     2. Set Supplier Review Timeline: 


    3. Build Your Supplier Review Form: 

    Click Add Questions to create questionnaires for your Suppliers to complete:

    After you build your questionnaires, you will be able to see each section title on the Form Template page to rearrange sections if needed:


    If you need additional assistance with creating your Questionnaire, here are additional articles that may help you:

     Supplier Review Form Template Permissions:

    • Company Admin: Can create, edit, and delete any Form Template
    • Department Admin: Can create, edit, and delete any Form Template
    • Sourcing Manager: Can use any of the Form Templates for a Project or an Event, but cannot edit Form Template when added.
    • Stakeholder: Collaborators who are Stakeholders will have access and can only view the specific templates this user is added as a collaborator on.

    For more information on how to Start a Supplier Review, click here

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