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    Building Questionnaires in Supplier Review Form Template

    This article is for Company Admins that are looking to build Questionnaires for their Supplier Review Form Templates. Click here to learn more about building Form Templates!

    Questionnaires for Supplier Review Form Templates are a great starting point ensuring you have up-to-date forms! Building out Questionnaires for Supplier Review Form Templates can help you standardize specific Question Groups for your Suppliers.

    Create Questionnaires in Form Templates

    After you have created a Form Template, you will want to start building your Supplier Review form. Simply click on "Add Questions" as shown below:

    You can then build out the Questionnaire Template with the questions you would like to include in your saved Questionnaire Template:

    Note: Make sure to click the Save button to save your Questionnaire Template to your Supplier Review Form!

    If you need additional assistance with creating your Questionnaire, here are additional articles that may help you:

    Creating and using Questionnaire Templates can really aid standardizing Supplier Review Forms when gathering data from your existing Supplier base. 

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