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    Supplier Forms Overview

    Easily onboard, collect, and update information from your Suppliers with Scout's Supplier Forms!

    Supplier Forms are designed to seamlessly gather data from your Suppliers, receive approval sign-off from key internal users, and save completed forms to the Supplier Profile.

    In this article, we will cover:

    • What a Supplier Form is used for 
    • How to utilize Forms within Projects
    • Key components of the Supplier Forms
    • Where to access completed Supplier Forms

    What are Supplier Forms? 

    Forms can be incorporated into any Project or Contracts that you may be creating within the Scout platform. Whether you’re trying to pre-qualify Suppliers during an RFP, or garnering information about your Suppliers’ environmental impact, Forms on Projects and Contracts allow you to gather valuable information about your business contacts through a convenient and streamlined process. Review Forms cleanly send your desired Forms to Suppliers for them to complete. Once they have done so, your team can evaluate their responses, and choose to approve or reject their scored Form. You will then be able to locate these forms within the Supplier Directory!

    How to Start a Supplier Form

    Before you can run your Supplier Form, a company admin from your company must first have built out a Supplier Review Form Template, found in the Templates Library.


    For step-by-step directions on how to build out a Supplier Review Template, click here.

    Once your Supplier Review Form Template is built out, you can begin your Review. To start, an Admin must turn on the “Forms” Custom Field on any Project Type within your Company Settings:


    Next, create a Project within Pipeline that has been designated to have the “Forms” Custom Field. You can then Navigate to the Forms field on the left hand panel to add the relevant forms from your Template Library. Once you’ve clicked “Add Forms” from within the “Forms” tab, you’ll be prompted to add any Supplier you would like to send the Form out to:


    These are the Suppliers who will be notified that they have individual Forms waiting for them to fulfill once you have published your Form.

    Once your Review Form is pulled into the Project, you will notice that the Form is populated under each Supplier's name in the Project. You can now either add another Form to send out to your Suppliers, or you can select the Form due date and press Publish!


    Your Suppliers will now be notified of the selected Form(s) needing their attention. Your Suppliers will be listed in the shaded area and you’ll be able to check their progress from this screen. This tab also includes the option to use the "Pre-Publish Scorecard to Stakeholders" button.

    For more information on this feature please click here.

    For more information on Building Stakeholder Scorecards, click here.

    Once I have received Supplier Forms back and I have finalized the Form, where do my Forms live?

    Once your completed forms are returned back to you, you will then have two options for your team:

    1. Returned Form will then be approved/rejected by a designated Approval Group
    2. Returned Form will be scored by your Stakeholders, and then approved/rejected by a designated Approval group.

    Please note that, while you can decide if you would like to omit creating a Stakeholder Scorecard for your Form, all Forms will need to be approved or rejected by the Approval group before Finalizing.

    For more on setting up Approval Groups, click here.

    Once your Form is Finalized, it will then live in the Supplier Profile for each Supplier under the Forms tab. 


    Leverage Supplier Review Forms to efficiently request and receive information of your Suppliers.

    To learn more about Supplier Forms, click here.

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