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    Creating Approval Groups

    Approvals enable the correct members of your business to evaluate Supplier responses to your company's Risk Forms. Scout allows you to add and set Approval Groups for your company in so that the correct users or teams are involved in the process of Supplier Review.


    How to Create an Approval Group

    Please note, only Company Admins are able to add and set Approval Groups for your company. Once set, each Supplier Review Form will have delegated approver(s) to review your Suppliers. Let's find out how to add and set Approval Groups!

    Step 1: Navigate to Settings 

    First, click Settings to bring you to the Settings page. Near the bottom of the Settings panel select Approvals:

    This will take you to the Approvals page where you can begin creating and managing Approval Groups for your Company's Supplier Review Forms. 


    Step 2: Add Approver Group 

    Click the Add Approval Group button:

    This will create a new Approval Group where you can start adding your Approvers.


    Step 3: Setting Approvers 

    After clicking Add Approval Group, you will be able to title your group and add Approvers to this Group. Enter the name and email of an Approver and click "Add":


    Please note: You will only be able to add Approvers if they already exist in your Company's User List.


    Approval Options

    After we have set Approvers within a group, we will need to decide on Approval Options for the group. Scout provides two options for how a Supplier Review Forms are approved.

    Company Admins can select "Single (1) Approval Only" or "All Approvals Must Approve":

    Single (1) Approval Only:

    • If "Single Approval Only" option is selected then only 1 Approver needs to Accept or Reject from the Approval group.
    • Once an Approver has either approved/rejected a Review Form, the other Approvers do NOT have the ability to act further as the Form as already been approved/rejected.

    All Approvers Must Approve:

    • If "All Approvers Must Approve" is selected then ALL Approvers must Approve or Reject before a Review Form can be finalized.

    Set Approval Order

    If All Approvers Must Approve is selected you will have the option to Set an Approval Order for the Approvers within this group.


    You will be able to set the Order of your Approvers (1,2,3....) and click Save to save this order for the group. 

    The Approval Order controls when the Approver can approve or reject and when the approver receives notification to review a Supplier Form. 

    To learn about how you can set Approval Groups on your Supplier Review Forms, please click here!

    To learn more about Supplier Review Forms, click here. 

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