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    How to Begin Supplier Review Forms —2 Ways


    Does your team collect routine data from your existing Supplier base? Do you have specific Forms that each Supplier must submit as a part of their on-boarding? In Scout, there are two ways to begin sending out Supplier Review Forms to your vendors: 

    1. Beginning the Review Form from the Supplier Forms Profile
    2. Beginning the Review Form from a Pipeline Project

    Read on for instructions on how to begin a Form from both methods!


    Begin your Review from the Supplier Forms Profile

    The Supplier Forms Profile is where the historical Risk scores and Supplier Forms live. To access the Supplier Risk Profile, first navigate to the Supplier Directory. Once you have typed in your desired Supplier's name and entered their Supplier Profile and open Forms.


    This is where all historical finalized Review Forms will live that this Supplier has returned to you. To add a new Review Form, or re-run an existing Form, scroll to the bottom of this page and click Select Forms:


    From here, you will notice that a right-hand side panel will provide you with Review Form Templates for you to choose from. You can select multiple Forms at once, or just select one at a time. Once you have selected the Forms that you would like to use, click Add


    By clicking Add, you will now be brought to the Pipeline Project that you have just created by pulling at Template into the Supplier's Form Profile.

    On the Pipeline Project, you will then have the option to add in any more Suppliers that you would like to send this Form to or assign Milestones to any Stakeholders on your team.

    Be sure to assign a Supplier response due date for your Review Form, and you will be ready to Publish your Form!



    Begin your Supplier Review Form in Pipeline

    The second way to begin a Supplier Review Form is by starting directly in Pipeline. To start, click Create New Project on your Pipeline Dashboard: 


    You are now brought to the Pipeline Project itself. Here, the next and most crucial step is to change the Project Type from the default Project Type to to the Supplier Review Project Type. 

    By doing this, your Pipeline Project will provide a Supplier Review Form section.



    For more information on Project Types, click here

    Once you have updated the Project Type, add in the Suppliers who you would like to send the Review Forms to, by clicking Open Supplier Directory and select your desired Suppliers. 

     Now that you have designated the Suppliers to send the Review Forms to, click Add Forms:


    Just like on the Supplier Risk Profile Level, you will receive a right-hand side panel that will present you with Supplier Review Form options to send to your Supplier.

    Once you have pulled in the Review Form Template, the Form will be listed under the Supplier that you are sending the Form to, along with the approval group assigned to that Form. 

    For more on Approval Groups, click here.



    Once you have set a Response date for your Form, you are ready to publish out your Supplier Review Form!



    Now that you have learned the two methods of running Review Forms in Scout, you are ready to send out Forms to your Suppliers! 

    Looking to learn more about Supplier Review Forms? Click here.

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