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    Manage: Proxy Bidding

    Scout works best when suppliers submit their data inside of the tool.  Having supplier data entered in Scout allows you to easily run a bid comparison across all suppliers on your event.  We realize there may be times where a supplier is unable to submit their bid online.  Proxy bidding helps you ensure all bid data is entered and can be compared in one location.

    Using the proxy bid feature, you can submit or update a bid on a supplier's behalf allowing you to streamline the bid process and use Scout's Bid Comparison and DNA tools to their fullest potential.

    Here, we’ll explain how to: 

    1. Import a supplier's bid using the proxy bid feature.

    2. Update an existing supplier's bid using the proxy bid feature.

    Please Note: Proxy Bidding is available for all RFx events, Supplier Performance Management, and Supplier Forms. Proxy bidding allows you to update worksheets and questionnaire responses on your supplier’s behalf.

    Import a New Bid 

    1. From your RFP Dashboard scroll down to the Suppliers section. Clicking on the supplier company name and a side window will open. In the side window click the "Import Bid" button.



    2. After you click the "Import Bid" button, a window will appear that will allow you to download the bid sheet for a specific supplier.


    3. To download the bid sheet, first click "Export Bid Sheet".  Then click, "Download Bid Sheet".

    4. To prepare your supplier’s bid for import, simply enter their answers into the Excel file, then save the updated Excel file to your computer.  The bid file has an instructions tab, be sure to only enter answers in light blue cells within the file.

    5. When you are ready to import your supplier’s bid, click the "Import" button.

    6. When you click the "Import" button, a window will appear allowing you to a) attach bid sheet and/or b) attach additional documents.



    7. Attach the completed Excel file on your computer under Attach Bid Sheet.


    8. Click the Submit Bid Sheet Button to begin the import process.


    Please Note: Importing a bid may take a few minutes.  If the import process is lasting longer than 5 minutes please contact support for assistance.


    9. Once the Excel file has loaded, a window will appear with confirmation.  You've successfully imported the supplier's bid.


    Update an Existing Bid 

    Updating an existing bid follows the same export/import procedure as described above.  Here are a few important things to note when updating an existing bid:

    1. If your supplier has started working in Scout, the bid export file will contain all of their work currently entered in Scout.

    2. If you change bid information for your supplier, the import will overwrite the suppliers bid to match the current file being imported.  A record of the suppliers previous bid will be retained in Scout after import.

    3. After updating a suppliers bid, the supplier will be able to see the most current/updated bid information in their account upon logging into Scout.


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