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    Assigning a New User to a Team

    To make the onboarding of new users more fluid, we have introduced the ability to assign teams during the user creation process. This will allow your team to better manage new user access before your user accesses their accounts in Scout! Our hope is that this will eliminate any potential confusion regarding visibility, and will make for a better first impression of Scout for first time users. In this article, we will cover how to:

    • Assign Teams on User Creation
    • Manage Teams Before User Completes Registration


    Assign Teams on User Creation

    While adding a new team member in the User List page of Settings, there is a new column called Teams, where teams can be assigned to the new user. To get started, click on Settings towards the top of your page:



    Access your User List by clicking on User List on the left side menu. Under Manage Users, you can enter new user information to send your invitation out to the email addressed entered:


    After entering a Username, Email Address, and User Type, you will have the ability to choose a Team for the specified user. When adding an Admin or Sourcing Manager, you will be able to choose both Full Access and Read-Only Teams. When adding a Stakeholder, you will be able to choose only Read-Only Teams. Click the Save button to add the user:



    Once added, you will notice that our user has not registered into Scout's system, but has been assigned to a Team in Scout. The user's view will be defined on the specific Team's filters set at the company level:



    Manage Teams Before User Completes Registration

    After adding a new team member, the Admin has the ability to adjust team membership before the user registers through the User List by clicking on the Edit button next to the desired user. Once the changes are complete, click on Save:



    New users will appear in the Team view once they have completed the registration process and have confirmed their account. For more information on how to set up Teams in Scout, check our overview article on Teams.

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