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    Customize Project Layout

    Do you want to customize the appearance of your Project Types and Contracts? Are you looking to reorder the major sections of the Project as they appear in Scout? With Project Layout customization, you can rearrange and hide the major sections of Projects and specify exactly how your Project Types appear in Pipeline and Intake.

    In this article we will cover

    • The benefit of customizing your Project Layout
    • How to configure Layouts
    • Types of customization options available to you

    Customized Project Layout Benefits

    Does your organization’s workflow differ from the default Scout Project order? No problem! Customizing Project Type Layouts allows your Sourcing Team to tailor exactly how each Project Type and Intake Form appears in Scout. With this feature, you can freely arrange the layout of Contracts and Projects in Scout to match your company’s needs.

    How to Configure Page Layouts

    To begin configuring your Layouts, Company Admins will first need to access the Settings Panel:


    Next, you will want to look to the left side navigation and locate Customize Projects  or Customize Contracts based on the Layout you are looking to customize:


    From here, click into the Project Type that you want to configure:


    From here, you will scroll down to the section of the page labeled Customize Layout:


    You are now free to move the sections freely! To re-order, simply drag the 3x3 dots on the left side of each section title and drop to the desired location on the Project.

    Available Customization Options

    You have multiple customization options available to you for your Project Layout. You may:

    • Reorder Sections & Custom Field Groups
    • Hide the entire section from displaying on the Contract or Project Type
    • Designate the section to show on Intake forms
    • Select specific Custom Fields to display

    To select specific Custom Fields to show in that Custom Field Group, click on the upward pointing arrow on the far right of the Custom Field Group name`:layout5.pngBy clicking the arrow, all Custom Fields in that Group will display. Here you can check to enable visibility on this field, or leave uncheck to hide:



    Leverage Custom Layouts to enhance your company's workflow, streamline the appearance, and strategically customize your Pipeline. You are now ready to tailor your Contract and Project Types to your Company’s specifications!


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