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    Supplier Coverage

    Within the “Supplier Summary” tab in Scout’s DNA, you’ll be able to see a high-level view of the different types of Supplier Coverage data displayed on this page. You can easily analyze bids per line item, by volume, and by baseline price— giving you high-level visibility into how each supplier responded to your RFx. Analyzing line items, bidded volumes, and baseline coverage combined to tell you if your RFx /events have the ability to be successful.

    In this article, we’ll go over each type of coverage, the value, and how to view the analysis in DNA.

    Line Item Coverage:

    Line Item Coverage allows you to see what percentage of line items your Suppliers had bid on. You will understand further the number of line items that your Suppliers had provided.

    Value: Allows you to understand whether the supplier can provide sufficient coverage for each line item. For example, there may be an instance where a particular supplier specializes in a certain good or service. Line Item Coverage can help you identify which suppliers are best suited to offer particular line items.


    Volume Coverage:

    Volume Coverage allows you to see how much of the total quantity your Suppliers had covered— what volume did your suppliers Bid on?

    Value: Provides a measure of a supplier's capacity as compared to the total quantity out for bid. For example, there may be an instance where a certain supplier is able to provide 80% of the total volume out for bid. Volume Coverage can help you identify the best path for awarding bids while consolidating suppliers.


    Baseline Coverage:

    Baseline Coverage allows Sourcing Teams to see how much of the business spend is covered based on the Supplier.

    Value: Allows you to evaluate how a supplier performed against a certain benchmark. For example, there may be an instance where a supplier is able to bid on 50% of the baseline spend.  Baseline Coverage can help you identify opportunities for negotiation based on spend with each supplier.

    Accessing Supplier Coverage

    Step 1: Open the RFP.
    Step 2: Scroll down to the Invited Suppliers section.
    Step 3: Click the green “Analyze Bids” button on the right.



    Step 4: Click the “Supplier Summary” tab 



    Step 5: Select the Suppliers you are interested in analyzing by clicking the "Scenarios/Suppliers/Column" button on the right.



    Step 6: Once you are finished making your selections, select the “Update View” button towards the bottom of the menu.


    You now can now view the Supplier Coverage for your RFx!



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