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    Adding Tooltips to Default Fields

    To allow for a more intuitive experience in Scout, we have added additional functionality to add tooltip hints to default fields within your Projects. We understand each organization may define default fields in their own unique way. Users can function independently with more information provided to them in tooltips beyond the default field names.


    Step 1:

    Company Admins have access to the Field Settings section in the Settings Page. First click on 'Settings' to access your company's settings page:



    Using the left side navigation, scroll down to 'Field Settings', then click on 'Default Fields':



    Step 2:

    In the Default Fields section, you will see a list of all your Project default fields. Click on 'Edit' to add a tooltip hint to the desired default fields:



    Step 3:

    Enter your tooltip hint under the 'Hint' Column. Since this is an optional field, you can add tooltip hints to any or all default fields.



    When you are done, click on 'Save':



    Step 4:

    Once you have added your tooltip hints, start a new Project to see your hints in action! As you hover your mouse cursor over each question mark icon for your default fields, a text hint will appear:


    Tooltips can be used as instructions for guidelines on entry for uniformity across your system. Defining what is expected for each default field will help standardize data entry within your company, and save time in the long run correcting any errors. 

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