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    Download the Terms of Participation

    When responding to an Event on behalf of your company, we understand that your Legal Department may want a copy of the Terms of Participation (ie. NDAs, MSAs, Terms and Conditions, etc.) for their records. Using Scout's Export Bid feature, you can easily download a digital copy of the Terms of Participation for any future reference.

    After downloading the Bid, there will be an extra tab in the Excel worksheet called "Terms of Participation" that will include the following information:

    • Who signed the Terms of Participation
    • Timestamp of when the Terms of Participation was signed
    • Full Text of the Terms of Participation



    Download the Terms of Participation

    1) The first step is to RSVP to the Event. To do this, open the Event and click the blue "I Intend To Submit" button at the bottom of your screen:




    2) Scroll down to the Take Bid Offline section and click the grey "Export Bid" button.




    This will download a copy of your bid with the Terms of Participation into an Excel worksheet.


    3) Open the Excel worksheet and click the "Terms of Participation" tab.




    Here you will find a copy of the Terms of Participation that was signed, as well as the signature information - Name, Email, and Timestamp. 





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