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    Manual Scenarios

    From the initial release of DNA, Scout provides pre-canned scenarios (Best of the Best, Incumbent and Historical Baseline) for you to analyze different pricing scenarios for a single Event. Now introducing a new Scenario to add to DNA, Manual Scenarios!

    Manual Scenarios will allow users to create a theoretical award/what-if scenario and compare the results to other scenarios. Before we dive into learning how to create and access Manual Scenarios, please review our article on Scout’s Scenarios in DNA to learn more.

    Why use Manual Scenarios?

    Manual Scenarios gives you the ability to create scenarios from scratch or build off from the current scenarios you see in DNA. Creating and managing different Scenarios will allow you to see how your Suppliers’ pricing fare in each situation.

    The ability to create new scenarios in DNA will allow you to tune your results. Fine-tuning your results will lead you to a preferred scenario to award your Suppliers. This can be used for light award management by creating an “Award Scenario” for you to utilize and keep track. Let's learn how to access and create Manual Scenarios in our next section below.


    How to create Manual Scenarios:

    To create Manual Scenarios you will first head into DNA by clicking the “Analyze Bids” button from the RFP page.


    Next, you will click on the “Scenarios” tab from the left side of the page which you will direct you to where you can
    create new scenarios or build new scenarios from the current ones you have in DNA.


    Newly created Scenarios will appear alongside the defaults everywhere in DNA:


    For more articles on DNA visit our Knowledge Base HERE!

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