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    Manage: Linking an Event to an Existing Project

    After you create an Event in Scout, you may realize that you'd like it to be linked to an existing Project in Pipeline. Using Scout's "Link to Existing Project" feature, you are able to do just that with a click of a button on the Event.

    Please note, you must have Read/Write Permission on both the Event and Project to change the Project Link.

    In this article, we will show you how to link an Event to an Existing Project, where to see the current Project Link, and change it if necessary.


    Linking an Event to an Existing Project

    1) The first step is Navigate to your Events and open the Event you'd like to link to an existing Project.


    2) Click the blue "Link to Existing Project" button located at the top right of your screen.


    3) A window will appear that will allow you to search your existing Projects. Simply type in a few characters or words to initiate your search.


    4) After selecting your Project, click the green "Link Event To Project" button.


    5) Congrats, your Event is now successfully linked to your existing Project!


    Once linked you will be able to see the current Project Link, and change it if necessary using the "Update Project Link" button.



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