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    Compare: Download All Files

    Would you like to download all files that your suppliers have submitted? Suppliers can attach files to a Sourcing Event in multiple sections. Read on to learn how you can easily access all files in one place!

    How to Download All Files

    First, navigate to your RFP Dashboard and click on Compare Bids in the 'Invited Suppliers' section:


     Then click on Download All Files on the bottom of the Bid Comparison page to get the latest version of all bids:


    You'll then notice that Scout will start packing your zip archive:


    After your zip archive has been created, click on the green Download Files button:


    This will generate a zip file with a folder for each supplier that submitted bids on the event:


    The zip file also includes any files that your team has attached in the 'RFP Documents' section of the Sourcing Event. 

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