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    Questionnaire Comparison

    By leveraging DNA’s Questionnaire Comparison feature, you are able to efficiently analyze the Questionnaire data from your Event. By displaying the data in a vertical or stacked view, we've made it easier to read through long responses, understand the response history, and quickly dig into answers that may have changed. If you need to focus on only a certain Question Type or Supplier, filtering is also available to declutter your view so you are only seeing what is most important to you.

    Please note, Questionnaire Comparison will only appear if there is a questionnaire in your Event.


    Accessing the Questionnaire Comparison in DNA

    Step 1: Open the RFP.

    Step 2: Scroll down to the Invited Suppliers section.

    Step 3: Click the green “Analyze Bids” button on the right.


    Step 4: Select “Questionnaire” from the vertical list on the left.


    Step 5: Using the “Filter View” and “Suppliers” buttons, you are able to select/de-select what appears in your view.



    “Filter View” allows you to show/hide Question Types, Multiple Choice Options, and Sections of the Questionnaire.


    “Suppliers” allows you to show/hide Suppliers, Bid Versions, as well as Request an Update from Suppliers.


    Step 6: Within the Questionnaire Comparison, you may Request an Update and Submit Feedback for each of your Suppliers. 


    When you Request an Update, you are able to do the following:

    • See the date the Supplier last submitted their Bid
    • Set a Resubmission Deadline
    • Enter an email message
    • Drag/drop documents or browse files to provide to your Suppliers
    • Preview what the email will look like when sent


    Please Note: When you hit request update it will send the attached feedback above along with any additional message or attachments you make in the submit feedback section.


    Step 7: Using Questionnaire Comparison, you are easily read long answers and comments without having to expand any text as well as dig into the history of each answer.


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