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    Analyzing Bids by Supplier


    After receiving your Suppliers Bids and mapping your columns in DNA, you’ll be able to analyze your Supplies Bids in on a higher-level. Analyzing bids “By Supplier” will allow you to compare totals across your suppliers versus viewing and comparing bid data on a line-item level. 





    If running your analysis for the first time within an Event/RFP, you will want to ensure you have mapped out your worksheet columns before analyzing bids by Supplier-- not doing so will not populate the data within this page. 

    To learn more about column mapping, please review our Knowledge Base article here.  


    Analyzing Bids by Supplier

    When viewing your Bid Analysis by Item, you will see several columns that contain data on:

    • Supplier Coverage (Line Item, Volume, and Baseline Coverage)
    • Cost Savings (Net, Positive, and Total Savings)
    • Cost Increase (Cost Increase Item # and Total Cost Increase)
    • Outliers
    • Feedback Ranges


    From the “By Supplier” page, you have the ability to take action with a specific Supplier. These actions include hiding a Supplier from view, requesting for a Bid Update, and Rejecting the Supplier: 


    Additionally, you will be able to utilize the “Filter Columns” button to allow you to filter down or expand on your dataset within the “By Supplier” page.



    For more information on the data within Supplier Coverage, click here!




    For more in-depth information on DNA, please feel free to view our DNA Knowledge Base.

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