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    Analyzing Bids by Scenario Summary

    The "Scenario Summary" tab provides a scenario by scenario breakdown of your results, allowing you to easily compare the savings of each of your scenarios in Scout.


    In the first column you will see each of your Suppliers listed. One thing to notice is that each Supplier is only included once even if the Supplier has submitted multiple bids. This ensures that only the most recent version of the calculated Scenario is displayed in the table. You can choose to bring in previous versions instead by selecting the desired bid version within the Filter Table Columns side panel. 

    Within each Scenario several pre-selected and standard columns are presented: Spend, Savings, and # of items not to incumbent. Using the "Scenarios:Suppliers:Columns" button you will be able to choose to include additional columns:


    In these sidebar you can also choose which scenarios to view - for example you can deselect all but a single scenario for a focused look.



    For more information on the data within Supplier Coverage, click here!

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