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    Manage: Provide Question Feedback to Suppliers

    When Suppliers are completing a Questionnaire in Scout, misunderstandings or mistakes can occur. Use the Question Feedback feature to communicate with Suppliers and request updates question-by-question directly within their submitted responses. 

    Question Feedback will allow for a much more efficient and accurate review of supplier submissions and will help streamline the communication process. 


    This Knowledge Base Article will walk through how to:

    • Provide feedback - Request clarification of a supplier’s response
    • View history of supplier responses - See full correspondence

    Provide Feedback from a Supplier's Response Sheet 


    Once a Supplier has submitted a bid, you'll be able to leave feedback on their response. Scroll to the Invited Suppliers section of your RFx and click "View Bid" to open up a Supplier's response.



    Scroll to the Response Sheet section of the Supplier's bid to view their responses to your Questionnaire:



    Locate the "Add Feedback" button on the righthand panel. Clicking this will create a field next to each question were you can request clarification on each of the Supplier's responses.



    Click into the text box to begin typing your response:



    Once you have gone through each question and added feedback where applicable, click the "Prepare Summary" button in the righthand side panel to save and summarize your comments.


    This will open a view that provides an overview of where you have submitted feedback. This is also where you will set a new submission deadline for the Supplier and draft an email to provide further details or clarification of your update request.



    Once complete, click the blue "Request Update" button to send your feedback to the Supplier.


    View the History of Supplier Responses


    No responses are lost. The Question Feedback feature allows you to request as many updates as needed while being able to access the full correspondence history within Scout.

    You can view this history within the Supplier's resubmitted Questionnaire. Open a Supplier's resubmitted bid and navigate to the Questionnaire responses.



    Click on the arrow next to the section titled "Response History" below the Supplier's current response to expand all previous correspondence for this question. 



    If you would like to request an update from Suppliers for new pricing data, or more general issues with their submitted bid, you can do so through the Request Bid Update feature. For more on this feature, please check out this article

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