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    Pre-Publish Scorecard to Stakeholders


    Easily publish Stakeholder Scorecards by pre-publishing the Scorecard in the Supplier Review Form tab of Project.

    • How Supplier Review Forms are more efficient by using the "PrePublish" Scorecard option.
    • Where is the "PrePublish" Scorecard button?
    • What is the "PrePublish" Scorecard button?


    How Supplier Review Forms are more efficient by using the "PrePublish" Scorecard option

    The purpose of a Supplier Review Form is to gather details (financial, insurance, tax info, ect.) about the supplier. Once the supplier submits their response, the supplier response is reviewed and scored by Stakeholders in the Scorecard.

    As part of workflow improvements, Scout gives the Sourcing Team the option to use the "PrePublish" Scorecard option. This allows Stakeholders to begin scoring Supplier responses as soon as they are returned, eliminating the need for the Sourcing Team to send the Scorecard to the Stakeholders. 


    Where is the "PrePublish" Scorecard button?

    Once the Sourcing Team has created a Project containing a published Supplier Form, the Sourcing Team now has the ability to "PrePublish" or "Publish" the Scorecard to Stakeholders.

    What is the "PrePublish" Scorecard button?

    In the Supplier Review Form tab of Project, the Sourcing Team have the option to "PrePublish" Scorecard. By pre-publishing the Scorecard, Stakeholders automatically receive a notification when Suppliers complete the Supplier Review Form. This is important because once Suppliers have completed the Form, Stakeholders will then have access to start the Scorecard.



    Alternatively, Sourcing Team can choose not to "PrePublish". This gives the Sourcing Team the ability to click the "Publish" button and trigger the Scorecard to send to Stakeholders.




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