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    Import Supplier Form on Supplier's Behalf

    Already have all the information you need from a Supplier? You can easily import and update information on behalf of your Suppliers within Scout's Supplier Review Forms! 

    Supplier Forms are designed to seamlessly gather data from your Suppliers, receive approval sign-off from key internal users, and save completed forms to the Supplier Profile.

    In this article, we will cover:

    • How to set up the Supplier Form 
    • How to respond to a Supplier Form for your Supplier
    • How to Finalize a Supplier Form 

    How do you Set up a Supplier Form without sending it to the Supplier? 

    From Pipeline, create a new Project and set the Project Type to Supplier Forms. Title the Project to indicate the type of Supplier Review Forms that will be collected.


    Navigate to the Supplier Review Forms Project tab and click "Add Forms" to open the available Supplier Forms in the side panel. If you do not see any Supplier Forms listed, click here to learn about how to create a Form Template.

    Check the box by the Forms you would like to add then click the Add Forms button. 



    Next, click Manage Suppliers and find the Suppliers you would like to add in the Supplier Directory panel. Check the box next to each of the Supplier's names and then click Add to Form.


    Once the Supplier(s) have been added, the next step is to indicate you will be submitting the Form for the Supplier. Click the arrow to open a drop-down. In the drop-down select Submit On Supplier's Behalf. 

    Note: Please note, selecting Submit On Supplier's Behalf can only be done by the Sourcing Manager Company Admin.

    By selecting this option, your added Suppliers will NOT receive the Forms when they are published. 


    Before you can publish the Form, a Supplier Review Due Date must be set. Select a due date for these Supplier Forms.

    Now the Supplier Form is ready to be published. Click "Publish ".


    Note: Please note, selecting Publish can only be done by the Sourcing Manager or Company Admin.


    How do you complete a Supplier Form on Behalf of the Supplier?

    From the Supplier Review Forms tab of the Project, the Sourcing Manager or Company Admin can click the arrow to expand the drop-down and select "Submit Form".


    This will open the Form in a different tab. Scroll to the Fill Out Your Form section and click Edit to begin inputting the data you have already collected from your Supplier into the Form.

    Notice you can track your Percent Complete and Last Updated on the Form event page. When you have completed the Form click Submit Form.


    You can click through the questions and answer them on the Scout Platform, or use the "Export Form"/"Import Form" feature to work offline. 


    You will be able to track completion progress in the black bar at the bottom of the page. Once all relevant or required files have been uploaded and questions answered, you can submit the form on behalf of your Supplier. To find the Submit button, click Return to bring you back to main page.



    Returning to the home page of this Supplier's form will allow you to find the blue "Submit Form" button located at the black bar at the bottom of the page to submit their responses. 



    How do you finalize the Supplier Form?

    Before your Supplier Forms can be finalized, they must first be reviewed by the designated Approval Group. If you are unsure how this group was set up, you can review this article.

    The Approval Group will click the View Approval Summary button and make their decision to Approve or Reject in the side panel. If you are not part of the Approve Group, ignore this step.


    You can check the status of the reviewal process by navigating to the Suppliers tab of the Project. Once each Supplier's Form has been reviewed, you will be able to see either an Approved or Rejected status by their Form. 



    Once the reviews have been completed, you can return to the Supplier Forms tab and click "Finalize". 




    To learn more about creating and managing Supplier Review Forms, click here!

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