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    Worksheets: Requiring Columns

    Do you wish to require Suppliers to fill out worksheets before they are able to submit their Bid?

    The required columns feature in the Worksheet Builder will give Sourcing Teams the option to require responses for certain sections of the Worksheet. The purpose of this feature is to request all necessary worksheet information you need from your Suppliers before they are able to submit their Bid. Upon bid submission, Suppliers who have not completed the required columns or rows will be alerted to which areas of the worksheet are missing.

    In this article we will cover:

    • How to Set up Required Columns
    • Setting Required Ranges for Columns 
    • Worksheet Validation 


    How to Set up Required Columns/Rows

    Requiring a worksheet column that needs to be completed by your Suppliers is a 2-step process. 

    1. You will want to locate and click on the “three vertical lines” icon located within the column header. Let’s take our below example and choose Price as the required column.


    Clicking the three horizontal lines in the header will open drop-down options for this column and provide you the ability to select Required -> Yes. This will denote the column as a required column. 


    With just this option selected, any data a Supplier enters in the worksheet for other columns will require this column to also have data entered for those rows. To make this entire column required regardless if any other data is entered elsewhere, proceed to step two. 

    2. Once you have defined the column that you require your Suppliers to fill, you will locate the checkbox and check “require response on all line items”.


    Please note: Make sure the columns you are requiring have the Visibility set to "Supplier Fill". 


    Setting Required Ranges for Columns 

    In addition to having the ability to set required columns within Worksheets, Sourcing Teams will have the opportunity to set a range of values/prices that Supplier responses are bounded by. Sourcing Teams will be able to define the values and influence Suppliers to enter within an ideal range.  

    To set a specific range for a column, you will first click the “Edit Column” button after selecting the column you wish to set the range for. For this example, we will set a range for the price column. 


    After clicking “Edit Column”, you will have the side panel open up from the right of the page which will allow you to set a minimum and maximum range. 


    Clicking the “Save” button will save the required range for your required column. 

    Suppliers will ONLY be able to submit their bid if they had provided and filled the values within the specified required range.


    Worksheet Validation 

    After setting required columns/rows & ranges, Suppliers who have not completed the worksheet requirements will receive a validation error message when attempting to submit their Bid. 



    Suppliers will be able to head back into their worksheets to adjust their values to resolve the validation errors. 


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