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    Attachments Versioning

    An important function within Scout's Projects and Contracts is the ability for our users to upload, store and manage documents in Scout. As more users utilize Scout for this feature, there is a need to manage the different versions of these documents. This will allow your team to have visibility in seeing what documents can or have been updated. Thus, avoiding any confusion between users updating and managing documents.


    In this article we will cover:

    • Defining a Record
    • Updating Files
    • Checking in/Out of a Record



    Defining a Record

    Within Projects and Contracts, you’ll have the ability to upload documents under the “Attach Documents” section.



    After selecting or dragging the file you have uploaded, you will have the ability to set the name of the record.


    Please note: The record name is distinct from the file name but can share the same name as the file itself. The record name will be associated with all versions of the document.


    Updating Files

    After a file is uploaded and the record is defined, the same file can be updated with a new updated version.

    To update a new version for a file, you will want to locate the “Updated File” button to locate the file you want to upload or “Drag and Drop” the new version of the file. Version Numbers will update automatically for each new version uploaded.


    1. Clicking the “Update File” button



    1. Dragging and dropping the new version of the file




    Please note: You will not be able to upload an updated file if the record is “Checked Out”


    Removing a drafting file/version

    Users can not select single versions to delete. Deletion is only available at the record level which means that all versions of a record would need to be deleted.




    Checking In/Out of a Record

    The “Check In/Out” feature within attachments will provide users the ability to either allow or prevent other users from updating a new version of a document.


    Check Out

    To prevent users from updating a document with a newer version, you will simply click the “Check Out” button after selecting the file.


    You will receive a message confirming whether you wish to check out the record to prevent any new versions added/uploaded.


    A record can check in on its own after a configurable amount of time had passed— this is set within Settings for a Company Admin.





    If a record is checked out and new versions are needed to be added, this will require you to contact the user who had previously checked out the record or reaching out to your Company Admin to “Check In” the record to allow new versions to be uploaded.

    In order to allow new versions to be uploaded, you will be able to click the “Check In” button in order for you to do so.







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