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    Message Center: 1:1 Supplier Messaging

    Being able to communicate with your Suppliers in a quick and effective manner is crucial to running a successful Sourcing Event. With 1:1 Supplier Chat, you will be able to message individual Suppliers directly should you have questions or updates during any of your scheduled Events. 

    Chatting with your Suppliers

    The 1:1 Messaging feature is located within the Message Center and available to all licensed Scout users. Utilizing 1:1 Supplier Messaging will give Buyers and Suppliers a way to communicate in real time about specific Sourcing Events. There will no longer be a need to rely on emails or other tools outside of Scout to communicate about any of your Sourcing needs! 


    To access 1:1 Supplier Chat, there are four easy steps: 

    1) You will first want to navigate to your relevant Event and locate the Message Center within. (Please note that the Event must be published or closed in order to access the Message Center.)


    Note: You can also locate the Message Center from your RFx Dashboard. 

    2) Once in your Message Center, you will be able to see the Supplier Chat button located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 


    3) After clicking the Supplier Chat button, you will be presented with a list of your Suppliers where you can then choose which one to message individually.


    4) Type out a message and add an attachment if you'd like. Then click "Send Message"! 


    Note: Read Only users are not able to compose a message. 

    Although the Supplier Chat room is private between the Sourcing Team and the Supplier, Stakeholders from the Buyer’s side will be able to see the communication and stay up to date.

    Additionally, Suppliers will receive an email notification when a new chat message is received. Below is a picture of the Supplier's view of Supplier Chat.



    For added convenience, Supplier Chat is also accessible via DNA pages and within Auctions. 


    Click here to learn more about the Message Center. 

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