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    Bulk Updates in Contracts

    The Contracts Module in Scout allows Sourcing Teams to keep track of multiple Contracts across all of their Suppliers. With the new Bulk Update feature for Contracts, Sourcing Teams can now make changes to several Contracts all at once. For example, whether a Stakeholder has left the company and needs to be replaced or a typo has been copied and pasted into too many records, Bulk Update will help Sourcing Teams manage their Contracts more efficiently. Bulk Updates in Contracts is available for both Company Administrators and for Sourcing Managers within the relevant Team. 

    Please note that Bulk Update is not available for Terminated or Expired Contracts. 

    How to Utilize Bulk Update

    To utilize the new Bulk Update feature, you’ll first want to navigate to your Contracts within Scout.


    Once inside, click the “Bulk Update” button outlined above. A checkbox will then appear next to each Contract, so you’ll want to check the box next to each Contract you’re looking to update. You must select at least two Contracts to use the Bulk Update feature. 

    The button that used to say “Bulk Update,” should now be green and say “Find Common Fields.” Click this to open a side panel that includes all fields that are shared between those Contracts:


    Select the checkboxes next to the fields you want to edit, then click “Next” in the bottom right. For this example, I chose “Contract End Date,” “Contract Start Date,” “Auto Renewal,” and “Category.” 

    You will then be prompted with fields which you can edit in order to implement your intended Contract changes. Make your appropriate edits and then click “Next” in the bottom right: 


    Lastly, you’ll be prompted with a confirmation window that aims to ensure there are no errors in your edits. Once you confirm your edits, you’re done!


    The same field must exist in all selected Contracts in order to update that field using Bulk Update. Bulk Update may fail if a Contract’s state or dependent fields conflict with the intended edits. Additionally, you cannot add Stakeholders to a Contract using Bulk Update; you can only change permissions of Stakeholders already attributed to the Contract. 

    Please note: Sourcing Owners will be referred to as Stakeholders when choosing a Common Field to Bulk Update. Click this field to change Sourcing Owners' permissions within a Contract. 

    For more information on Contracts, click here!

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